No matter how often Obama makes the argument bout how well the economy is recovering, his message appears far from sinking in. The unhappiness with Washington’s efforts on the economy is even more stark among independents, according to the ABC News/Yahoo! News poll. A whopping 65% of them say it won’t matter one way or the other which party is running the show. 

The results of the poll, a national, random-sample survey conducted by
Langer Research Associates, reflects widespread pessimism over Washington’s ability to heal the economy.  What I find funny is it takes a poll to discover the vast majority of taxpaying Americans are upset with the present economy and the direction in which it is headed?

It's time to rid ourselves of the 'career politician'. Term limit all politicians for federal service to 2 terms. The jobs of Senator, Representative and President are public trusts and public service. Regardless of party, career politicians are the most destructive people in our government.




WAKE UP AMERICA! The liberal media is trying to give you a false sense of economic security and trying to make these lame Democrat socialist policies look good.

- FedEx cuts 1,700 jobs - September 2010
- Sara Lee cuts 390 jobs - September 2010
- Connecticut A&P Supermarket will cut 400 jobs - September 2010
- Lockheed Martin will cut 600 jobs - September 2010
- Wells Fargo Financial cuts 250 jobs - August 2010
- Purdue University 1,600 offered early retirement - August 2010
- City of Newark cuts 1,000 jobs - August 2010
- StarKist Co. cuts 400 jobs - August 2010
- Whirlpool cuts 600-1,000 - August 2010
- Duke University cuts 500 jobs - August 2010
- City of Trenton cuts 1,200 jobs - August 2010
- Texas Prisons possibly cutting 7,300 jobs - August 2010
- State of Utah cuts 2,000 in past 18 months - August 2010
- The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. - up to 2,000 jobs - August 2010
- Movie Gallery cuts up to 483 jobs May 1 to July 31
- Expedia cuts 167 and 129 jobs - August 2010
- Chicago Public Schools cuts up to 1,700 jobs with new budget - August 2010
- City of Dallas cuts 500 jobs - August 2010
- NY Metropolitian Trans. Authority cuts 200 jobs - July 2010
- St. Francis Hospital in Hartford CT cuts 200 jobs - July 2010
- Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Program cuts 1,000 jobs - July 2010
- United Technologies Corp to cut 1,500 jobs - July 2010





November 2010

William P. Frasca


This upcoming November 2010, less than two months away, the American electorate has the unique opportunity to change the malignant status quo and vindicate their horrendous abominable mistake they made back in 2008. This terrible, hopefully one time, bad choice and laps in logical decision has humiliated our Country, with the endorsement of shame, mortification, dishonor, corruption, incompetence, idiocy, selfishness, vanity and poor judgment. These unfortunate government deficiencies were conceived with the start of the election of our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One’, and the Democratic Congress, which formed a wide separation, while increasing our distrust and confidence.


Our Country has been branded, throughout the world as a weak, apologetic Nation full of wimpy leaders that comes so natural for them to assume this subservient role. They are willing, without the verification and acceptance of the people, to sell cheaply, all of our American pride and glory for the degrading honor of kissing the boots of third world fanatical leadership of unstable hostile mentality.


This proof is obvious with the recent acceptance of our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” relating to his unobjectionable, whole hearted endorsement and approval of constructing a Mosque in the area of ground zero, then immediately retracting this sellout decision. No matter how many times he withdraws this statement, he still made it, without any investigations or potential complications and consequences. As we all know where there’s smoke, there’s fire and this definitely promotes a foul stench of burnt deception.


This disgraceful act of mindlessly taking sides with the mistrusting, without verifying their motives and totally abandoning the decent sympathetic reaction towards the innocent human beings that were brutally attacked and viciously murdered on that sad day of September 11, 2001 shows absolutely, positively no leadership qualifications or capabilities that the American people can truly place their trust.


This not only is a tattoo of shameful discredited dishonor relating to their memory, by this so-called leader of the free world, but was also a cruel unprovoked slap in the face to their families who morn their senseless loss daily. This also places a hideous despicable blemish upon the face of our proud Country, The United State of America.


We sold our souls to an incapacitated, make shift, false idol and camouflaged messiah, who led us in a very short time, from out of the penthouse, to the out house. This Administration from the start offered us fools gold and a “Promised Land” full of financial traps, mirages and embarrassing useless costly entitlements of misfortune. They mock us, with their cynical mentality of disrespect, considering the masses as unintelligent, misguided misfits that would have a tough time tying our own shoes without their help, assistance and guidance.


Bill Maher, a poor excuse of a comedian is a pathetic, little man, full of sarcasms and prides himself, in his own mind, as a modern ultra liberal thinker. His claim to fame was his empty headed, habitual aggressive insulting comments and statements towards our great Country, and the American people. Here are a few of his revolting impertinent forms of expression “America it's a pitiful, helpless giant.” and “because it's a stupid country with stupid people who don't pay attention.”


He unfortunately isn’t alone in his thinking. These piercing words that cut like a sharp razor into our hearts, reflects the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic ideology, together with their total uncompromised beliefs and opinions, in trying to empower their total control on us all. The final analysis is to rule, without a Constitution, without rights, without freedoms, without hope, without certain religions, and without self respect or self esteem. Freedom of choice has no room in their plans, only brainwashing and dancing to the tune of the manipulating Pied Piper.


Maybe we as a free Nation must have that additional push, to appreciate what we have, and to realize the potential danger, loss and total collapse of our sacred system, fearful enough, to defend our free existence. It seems as though every now and then we develop a slight case of amnesia and repeat our mistakes. We resurrect our past ghosts of reprehensible shame and shocking unwise imprudent leadership that doomed us to a vast wilderness of financial and social decay.


The Jimmy Carter Administration is the perfect example in this futility, having sanctioned and certified these inefficient characteristic, yet we continue to go back into the Stone Age by approving these Progressive individuals into intolerable positions of power.


Are we going to accept these unwarranted insults, from individuals of proven inabilities, of a self serving agenda? Are we going to freely accept their audacity to question our aptitude and intelligence, while it is their own cleverness that is lacking any brain power, with the need of destroying everything precious to our civilization, while building their own temple of destruction?


These same dysfunctional albatrosses who want to apprehend our own destiny, without due process and the will of the people, must be taught a little lesson in humility. If we remain silent from these verbal and social assaults, then aren’t we sending a message of total acceptance to all their intimations and threats, while leaving ourselves wide open for future intolerance and dominance?


If we don’t have the pride and dignity to stand up for our rights, then who will? Have we been used for so long, in a “pay me no mind existence”, that we have become numb, to all their name calling, foul language, ridicule and contempt.


The mid-term elections of 2010 are most critical, because it will bring the government back to the citizens of the United States. The Democrats will try to remove their past blemishes, and attempt to hide all their enacted misdirected incompetent polices. They will have you believe that they finally heard the voices of the people and changed. So-called Speaker Nancy Pelosi “The Incompetent One” is already speaking out of the side of her month, with forked tongue, giving her endorsement to extend the Bush tax cuts.


Don’t be fooled, by this trickery. The Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats are the original profiteers of selling snake oil. They lie and cheat without dignity. They are the masters of saying what you want to hear. They have so many unscrupulous, political maneuvers up their devious sleeves, while using the Benedict Arnold procedures of deception.


Never forget that a loin is a loin, a tiger is a tiger, and leopard no matter what ingredients used, can’t wash, cover up, or change its spots. Remember this time vote wisely and with conviction, without fear or intimidations.