Liberals once again skips over the most cogent facts about why businesses are not hiring. The uncertainty about who will be running things after November and the punitive legislation that has passed for "reform" in Congress in the past two plus years is scaring business owners to death. Health care reform has brought a new set of mandates for businesses.

Obama said he would NOT absolutely approve extending the Bush tax cuts to those earning over $200K per year, completely ignoring the plight of small business owners who file their business taxes as individuals on their tax returns. Why will you expect them to hire more people when their business will be taxed at a higher rate and they have to pay for increases in medical premiums on top of it? The financial regulatory reform act did nothing but muddy the waters further for businesses. Businesses both large and small have to worry about two more favorite programs from the Democrats which could drive them out of business over the long run

Cap and trade (Obama says energy costs will need to skyrocket but it is all OK since we will be green) and card check (unions can come in and organize using a non-secret ballot in the work place!!)

I have spoken with several business owners and they are all hoping that the Democrats will be voted out in November since they are the party of deaf and dumb when it comes to ideas for getting businesses to hire again. No matter how many ways they are told, they continue to say the reason is "mismatches" or people not selling their houses, or whatever, or there are no workers or the republicans are blocking their legislation (with a minority!)

The unemployed workers last month who turned down $70K per year for engineering jobs were doing OK with a spouse who worked and their unemployment checks! They told the employer to call when a job opened up for $85K! There is another reason people are not taking available great jobs! This article must have been written by a shill for the democrats. Too many are these days. Try following a business publication or CNBC cable for a week. You will get an education.



  • A steady flow of not-entirely-terrible economic news has eased worries of renewed recession and shifted the political spotlight from the Federal Reserve to the White House.  Obama did announce a proposal that will allow companies to write off 100% of their new investment in plant and equipment through 2011. A plan the White House says would cut business taxes by nearly $200 billion. But responses to this proposal from businesses was mixed. The majority want to see the Bush Tax Cuts be extended.


  • Bjorn Lomborg, a noted anti-global warming scientist reserved course and is now calling for action on what he calls “A challenge humanity must confront.” So did he change because a nice wade of cash from his foes made him or did he just have a change of heart? You decide.


  • Eric Cantor (R-Va) said last week that Democrats are not talking about the impending tax increases. He states, “In an effort to sanitize their historically irresponsible decision to raise tax rates in the midst of a struggling economy, Obama and the congressional majority say they are merely allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire.


  • $800 billion in tax stimulus spending to finance infrastructure and we still have close to 10% unemployment and yet we have Obama speaking of another $50 billion for infrastructure again. 


This Administration

William P. Frasca


This wonderful, unbelievable, extraordinary  Country, The United States of America, in which we have the privilege to live, had definitely for over two hundred years, had our documented share of political, social and economic tragedies. Unfortunately in certain time frames, we were also, manipulated into electing questionable leadership of regal, egotistical attitudes that looked upon the masses as stupid. Regrettably, this mentality resurrected with the Obama Administration.


This Administration, though, wasn’t unique in this thought, by shoving unapproved changes, laws, bills and policies down the throats of the American people. Even with all these negative events in our young nation, we have proven, to be self reliant, with an endless fortitude and thirst for survival.


Hostility initiated by foreign and home grown invaders necessitated no alternatives but to take arms and defend our self preservation. This list to name a few is to prove a point, obviously it isn’t complete, and any event of significant importance omitted was absolutely, positively done unintentionally.


Let’s start with the first,  The American Revolution, The War of 1812, President Andrew Jackson, Slavery, The Civil War, Carpetbaggers, The sinking of the Maine, The Spanish American War, President Teddy Roosevelt, The Progressives, The Communists, World War 1, President Woodrow Wilson, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, The Great Depression, Perl Harbor, World War 2, The Korean War, The assassinations of our President John F. Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King, The Civil Right Movement, Riots, President Lynden Banes Johnson, The Viet Nam War, The Sixties, President Richard Nixon, His Disgraceful Resignation, American hostages in Iran, Gas Lines, President Jimmy Carter, High Inflation and High Interest Rates, An attempt on President Reagan’s life, The Cold War, Russia’s dominance in Europe, the Berlin Wall and its Collapse, 1983 Beirut U.S. Marines Barrack Bombing Attack, Desert Storm. The first attack on the World Trade Center, The bombing of the USS Cole, The Attack on the Pentagon, The total destruction of the Twin Towers, with the mass murder of innocent human beings, by Muslin terrorist animals, Traitors, Discrimination, Affirmative Action, and Tolerance.


Our positive outlook and Yankee pride, ingenuity and the relentless courage not to accept the potential destruction of our civilization, always prevailed, in defeating anyone in our path that had the audacity, to inflict their will, and foolishly attempted to overthrow our own self controlled destiny,


We came out victorious in the past and we will continue to survive, even these present day catastrophes, including the ongoing Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, illegal immigration, high unemployment, high violent crimes and intimidations, hostile attacks on our border and throughout our Country, human leeches, gangs, criminal elements, drugs, Obamacare, The stimulus, all the Czars, the green movement, borrowing, including Socialist arm twisting, with runaway corruption, lies, story telling,  backdoor politics and policies. That are enhanced and endorsed by our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”, and the Liberal Marxist Democratically controlled self serving Puppet Congress, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi,” The incompetent One”. And Senator Harry Reid, “The Incoherent One”


Even with all these harmful pessimistic experiences, our Country grew stronger. Our strength, courage, love and hunger for freedom, patriotism and our aggressive intelligent and all purpose Yankee ingenuity, solidly united us in one just and righteous cause for survival. One by one we defeated these adversities in the name of one Nation under God.


This Socialist leadership, as we are now presently facing, because we made one of our most terrible mistakes in our history, by electing and choosing without thinking, learning and investigating. We were duped by a perfected advertising campaign that actually sold fish to a fisherman. We must meditate; look into our past, for guidance and support.


One of our most famous great American heroes, and orator of the American Revolutionary War, Patrick Henry stated these most infamous words which would be forever etched into our hearts and minds “Give me Liberty or Give me Death”. These very simple words with a tremendous meaning are the absolute creed of our precious unmatched ideologies. These words reinforced our declaration and love for freedom.


Our American Revolutionary idols had the unique realizations and courage to rise above all depression and unspeakable possible odds against them, to overthrow and challenge one of the most worlds most powerful Countries of that period, Great Britain .


The thirteen colonies, under English control, had only one purpose in life, and that was to honor, serve and obey, while accepting a small pittance of their own hard working earnings, by forfeiting it as tribute to quench the unlimited thirst of English greed and corruption, which was unmercifully imposed by exorbitant taxation. Doesn’t this sound so familiar? It seems as though history does repeat itself.


This imprisoned existence was so unbearable that it created an emergence of a ferocious sleeping lion, seeking independence after years of captivity. This quest spread as a glorious cure throughout the land. It escalated to a point of no return and no Patriot could ever image an existence without freedom.


Our Government and our media have been infiltrated with individuals that have no vision, no foresight, no pride, no dignity, and no respect towards God, Country, and our Constitution, our Flag, our Morals and the American people. We must, by using every legal peaceful means possible at our disposal, to end this self inflicting form of rapid torture by exercising each and every right in our Constitution, to the fullest. We must never be intimidated by the unscrupulous, which ignore the will of the people. 


Please listen and stand up America , because no matter what the liberal media and the Progressives falsely discredit our righteous legitimate movement of bringing our government back to its rightful owners, the American people. No matter what idiotic opinionated nonsense and accusations made against us, we must never wave or falter.


Our brave men and women of all our armed forces, including our civilian personal, throughout the world are unselfishly risking their lives in harms way. Some offered the extreme sacrifice. Some are permanently disabled. All left their loving families, and normal lives to serve.


We must never forget all those who fought to protect and preserve our rights and freedoms in the past, safeguarding our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our rights have been protected by these past and present centurions, these brave heroes that generously picked up the gauntlet from our forefathers.


Don’t let these gallant courageous gladiators fight in vain. They have kept our miraculous eternal flame lit, in the face of flooded assaults against them, from the Socialist Marxist Liberals, and Progressives that had the impudence and disgrace, to call them despicable demeaning names, such as “baby killers”. They are also forced, in some cases, to impose unorthodox policies and procedure in using passive political measures of engagement, which have left them defenseless in a hostile environment. Political correctness has no purpose on the battle field.


Please don’t waste their gallant effects by freely bowing down and kissing the ring of our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” and all his marionettes by accepting their form of captivity and involuntary servitude, by stripping us of our dignity. These implementations of more total government control over every aspect of our lives must be eliminated. Ignorance, Complacency and Submission must not prevail. Legal and non-violent means of protest are at our complete disposal, use them, exercise your guaranteed Constitutional rights and don’t be fooled again?