Why doesn’t the Democratic party see the writing on the wall? What do I mean? Why did the democrats elect Nancy Pelosi minority leader in the next Congress? She has an approval rating of 10%, an unfavorable rating in the 60% range, yet the Democrats ignored that maybe it was Nancy Pelosi that handed you a huge loss in the mid-term elections.

More than even President Barack Obama himself, she emerged as the heaviest drag on Democratic hopes of holding on to the House.

In district after district, from Florida's Gold Coast to central Ohio, in the Ozark Mountains, on the Minnesota prairie and in retiree-laden Arizona, Pelosi's face was plastered on billboards, recorded in video clips and emblazoned on mailers, is casting a pall over her colleagues’ chances of winning reelection.

Conventional wisdom holds that midterm elections are referendums on the president and Obama was certainly the central figure in the unfolding drama of the 2010 election. But the Democrats losing the House was as much a rejection of the policies and politics of a woman who has managed to simultaneously become one of the most powerful speakers in congressional history and one of the most unpopular figures in American politics today.

Now she will lead the Democrats once again, but this time in the minority. Does anyone think she will pull the Democrats out of the hole? She is the one who put them there and now hopes are she will pull them out.

What the Democrats fail to see is that people don’t like Nancy Pelosi; people blame her for the policies that were rammed down their throats. The message the Democrats sent to the people when they elected her Minority leader is that the American people are wrong and Nancy was right.

Once again, the Democrats just don’t get it and have put their agenda and ideology before the real priorities of the America.


Honoring and Defending Our Protectors

William P. Frasca

The Thanksgiving Holiday is just around the corner, which is followed by the welcomed hectic, reaction of unlimited exuberance and affection that brings out a multiple display of exciting blissful acts of warmth associated with the festive Christmas season.

No matter what strong convictions we are personally experiencing in our own sacred religious beliefs, it is a special occasion for reflecting on life itself, consecrating and being thankful for all the important precious personal tenderness, achievements, food, clothing and shelter. It is also a time to freely offer our unlimited generosity, hope, kindness, and love towards our family, friends, neighbors and even individuals or organizations we don’t even know. No one is forced to participate, but all are invited. Some will unfortunately experience unavoidable sadness in a year full of personal turmoil, and for all those we should always extend our patience, compassion, sympathy and understanding.

Every branch of the United States Military, including all civilian personnel, and our loyal allies must always be acknowledged in our hearts and minds. Our total appreciation towards all these brave men and women, wherever they’re stationed, at home or abroad, for their generous dedication and valor must never be relinquished.

These gallant individuals unquestionably protect our total existence as a great Nation. Their courageousness in hazardous life threatening situations is offered freely, and without total regard for their own self-preservation. Their acts of bravery are liberally administered to defend all our precious freedoms, including our exclusive preferences of religious worship, without prejudice. Their audacious, noble, heroic unending love for America and its entire citizenry must always be appreciated and never unjustly criticized.

These special gladiators of American sovereignty and independence must never be purposely placed in harms way without the proper equipment or a strategically well thought out plan of attack. They must never be denied using or operating any and all necessary weaponry at their disposal, to defeat all of America’s aggressive hostilities that violate our survival. All proper military and personal procedures of self protection must be honored. They must never be mocked, humiliated or falsely accused in performing their duties righteously and admirably.

They must never be forced or subjected to fight a political war leaving themselves defenseless to a violent unmerciful enemy, or used as political sacrificial lambs for the cowardice unscrupulous selfish demigods. They must never be a whipping post for any passive sellouts of unethical betrayal. Especially with the adversities placed upon them by the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives.

These arrogant liberal hypocritical bigots immediately stress doom and gloom, with the blame America first mentality. Their gutless behavior, without any authorization from the American people, projects a subservient unnatural demeaning role, for any free people to act, by profusely kneeing, bowing, apologizing, and denouncing this great Country. While condemning any crucial and critical military conflict as imperialistic, with no consideration or support for our troops. They only try to impose and force, through intimidations their own political correctness, enforcing their own unpopular, unacceptable ideologies as law, even going as far as stating what form of religious worship and beliefs are respected, permitted and accepted.

We as Americans must be truly honor our protectors of freedom, with sincere respect and tribute. Our most high caliber excellent military is unmatched, throughout the world. These individuals and their families are forever in our debt and must be properly compensated monetarily, mentally, physically spiritually and educationally, without exception. It is an unjustified, distressing, tragic situation in which we allow the illegal alien to have more protection, opportunities, rights and benefits than our veterans and their families. This is not only a shameful display of dishonor, but also an abomination to our society.

Let us all pray that Almighty God will protect them and their loving families always, and may each and every one of them come home safe and sound. These unselfish defenders must always have the strength and confidence that America’s love, trust, and loyalty are always with them. These elite protectors of extreme magnitude, including all our veterans who fought and participated in the defense of this great Country, The United States of America must never be forgotten. Let’s put it this way, amnesia, however slight, is definitely not an option.

Keep the Government out of our lives; don’t sell your rights and freedoms, for a false sense of security or baseless, groundless, inexcusable, illogical political correctness. Don’t disappoint these precious gutsy individuals, who are risking their lives and losing their limbs so your life, liberty and your pursuit of happiness are preserved forever. Don’t let them down, exercise your freedom of speech, continue to question authority, and especially don’t trust the government. Remember these immortal words of our last Conservative President Ronald Reagan when he said, “that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are, I’m from the government and I’m here to help”.

If my statements offend anyone, get a life, get over it. I am simply extending a message of good will and happiness, towards everyone, especially our military, in which I have the fondest admiration. This is my own personal message of remembrance and good will, in which I’m not imposing on anyone. You have the right and privilege to accept or reject it, but I also have the right to say and express it. Remember sensitivity and tolerance is a two way street. Your personal “non-violent” form of devotion is your absolute right. No one person or organization has sole ownership to that claim; it belongs to each and every American, without any form of forced mockery, humiliation, prejudice, deliberate spiteful, hateful, wicked, evil intent or bigotry.

So acquire a copy of the United States Constitution. Read every article, paragraph and amendment with sincere reverence and pride. When finished, give it a big kiss and “Thank The Good Lord” every day, with every precious breath, that you are blessed, with the privilege, of living in our beloved one free Nation, under God.