Workers will be fighting an uphill battle on their 401(k) plans and retirement savings. When this plan was first rolled out by employers the message to their employees was to take control of your wealth and future. During this recession, the markets slashed portfolios in half and companies stopped or reduced their matches.

401(k) plans have problems. They  try to reach a specific goal which is the amount you need to retire by investing in stocks, bonds and money market funds which none of them offers any specific returns  In reality, a 401(k) takes the task of a highly paid pension manager and gives it to each worker.

Here are some of the drawbacks of a 401(k) plan in this environment:

1.    Company Stock. Nearly 7% of 401(k) participants who were offered company stock in their plan had more than 80% of their accounts concentrated in that stock. Many of these stocks fell sharply.

2.    Company Match. About two-thirds of all companies make a matching contribution to their plans, but 16% have cut or eliminated the match.

3.    Layoffs. You can’t save for retirement if you don’t have a job. And if you lose your job and have an outstanding 401(k) loan, it’s even worse. 21.5 million unemployed say retirement savings is not an option.

4.    Contribution rates. 401(k) participation is low, especially among the young and many, who do save, do not put in as much as they will need for retirement.

5.    Longevity. The average 65-year-old male can expect to live to 84 and the average female to 87. People believe they are saving just enough but it may not be enough if they live longer.

6.    Fees. Companies have been passing administrative fees to workers and smaller company plans can sometimes cost workers more than 2% a year.  So for every dollar you pay into your 401(k) administrator, is a dollar less in your plan.

Even with these drawbacks, 401(k) plans are still the way to go and can add to your retirement future.

I love how the "reliable" media rushed to use the NYC bomber and tea parties in the same sentence. They reacted and had hoped their statements were true but had no evidence to back up such rediculous statements. 

Its funny then how they quickly spun the story and said this guy was depressed and his home was foreclosed on so you could see why he was angry. I got a good laugh out of that one.   No doubt this bombing attempt will die down quickly since it doesn't fit the Obama narrative.

Private payrolls grew in April, while layoff announcements fell to a near 4-year low, according to data released this past Wednesday. Private-sector jobs in the U.S. increased by 32,000 last month. Thats good news but falls far short to actually lower the overall unemployment rate.


Progressive Propaganda

William P. Frasca

America has always been a beacon of hope, freedom and prosperity for many. It has always been a melting pot of culture and diversity, united as one. These individual’s from any and all countries imaginable seek refuse on our shores, every minute of every day. Their main objective is to establish and secure for themselves and their families an improved exuberant quality of life lasting for future generations. No one can actually place any guilt or blame for their actions of a better existence and in some cases a matter of life or death.

The United States of America always kept their arms wide open, unselfishly accepting these legally motivated individuals. Naturally, being a nation of laws, certain necessary rules and regulations were implemented. These limitations and documentations performed an essential task in controlling the potential mass arrival of immigrants. They were also established to screen, each applicant, with contagious diseases, including weeding out unscrupulous, questionable, devious unstable characters with malicious intent.

Due processes are essential. These policies and procedures were initiated to protect ourselves and our Country from being overwhelmed, by unregistered aliens. This would limit and reduce the capabilities of any group in developing a common association or organization that could express an intimidating aggressive objective or agenda, leaving us vulnerable to an attack within and eventually having the ability to overthrow our Government.

These crucial checks were definitely undermined over the years which allowed an unchained amount of illegal aliens loose on our society. These offenders circumvented our laws creating a country within our country, subjecting us to their forced dominance. Some exist only to increase a multitude of animalistic, violent crimes of all categories and denominations, decreasing the respect for our system, law enforcement and our quality of life.  This is utterly leaving America held hostage and virtually defenseless to terrorism, drugs, organized crime, and corruption which is digging a bottomless pit of unending social deficiencies.

The Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats, together with the main stream liberal news media, with their tremendous brainwashing spin, state that every illegal immigrant is an asset, performing a critical vital service, functioning and completing difficult menial tasks that the average American would refuse to attempt. They also stress that any action to confront this issue will violate their rights, the fact is they have no rights.

Some questions must be asked and investigated.  Is this Progressive propaganda? Especially, in this dismal financial period, of our history, with record breaking unemployment numbers, that escalates the desperate situations inflicted on our own citizens seeking employment.

They freely cross our unsecured borders because their indentured servant status is demoralized as a greedy commodity, manipulated politically and monetarily, by the Socialist Marxists Democrats, the Republicans, and private businesses. These individuals broke our immigration laws, and should be deported, not rewarded. This exploitation is compounded because of their willingness to accept far less monetary compensation, that wouldn’t be tolerated by a natural born citizen or legal immigrant. This unfortunately establishes them as an asset, to the unscrupulous entrepreneur, lobbyists, and politician that evade and sacrifice established legal decency and security in the name of profit. If not corrected they will eventually suck the life out of us with their selfish attitudes.

These illegitimate violators have the unique uncanny mentality that our Country owes them a living.  They use our system against us, absorbing our generosity like a sponge. Sanctioned, as in the past, by the do nothing cowardice behavior demonstrated and displayed by our elected spineless demigod Federal lawmakers, led by our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”.

They sadly submit in unison, with no Party boundaries and scruples, permitting other Countries to dictate policy to America . This is an abomination. How and when did we ever become a Nation of passive doormats? How did we as American citizens descended from our courageous forefathers and decent hard working, legally welcomed immigrants, that respectfully built and fought for this tremendously unique beautiful Nation, allowed this to happen? Our Country is being destroyed by the meek, the incompetent, the incoherent, the hypocritical, the selfish, and the unconscionable.

The feasible inspiration portrayed by these two party sellouts boggles the mind. They are willing to destroy our precious ideologies, liberties and God given rights, for a mere thirty pieces of silver.

The situation which is happening in Arizona is unacceptable. The whole State is being hung out to dry, by the federal government’s idiocy and uselessness. Immigration is a Federal problem, in which they are turning their backs, failing miserably and refusing to acknowledge.

These cowards are so afraid of being politically correct, called a racist, losing votes, campaign contributions, and support that they are undermining the safety and security of all Americans. Congress and our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” has the fantastic talents of deception, by reversing the blame, especially when confronted with high caliber events consisting of necessary pertinent high drama decisions No one wants or is capable of enacting a pertinent decisive plan, so they sit back, by playing “Mickey the Boob” administering unwarranted criticisms and offering no support.

The President and Congress just closes their eyes, clicks their heels, wishing that they were back in Kansas . This is a time to act, running away with your tail between you legs and throwing up the white flag of surrender, or making the same mistakes as the past by granting total amnesty, is not an option.

A government, which allows and extends a brick to a drowning State, leaving them defenseless, standing alone, while being over overwhelmed and in the middle of a war zone of violent takeover, murder, kidnapping, drugs, torture, threats and  ultimatums is a government not worthy to govern.

The State of Arizona was called every harsh degrading name in the book, by all those who have the audacity to condemn their actions, of enforcing the law, exhibiting every means at their disposal, to protect their God given right to survive. It’s easy to send and express disparaging words and actions of condemnation, especially if the majority that judge are not directly affected by the dismal everyday endured hardships and harassments.

Walk a mile in their shoes before you exhibit any insincerity, compassion and meaningless statements. Arizona is doing what the Representatives of the Federal Government are sworn to do and that is to defend America and the Constitution from all its enemies foreign and domestic. America must stand tall with Arizona , because they have the strength and courage to take up the gauntlet of unpopularity. They are our first line of defense in an America that’s gone completely mad with tolerance and submissiveness, which is obliviously showing signs and indications, of committing national suicide.

The American people want immigration reform, stressing the main objective of securing all our boarders. Let’s hope and pray our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” and Democratic controlled Congress, doesn’t place us all on the “Pay Me No Mind List”, as they did with the unstable debacle of the Obamacare Healthcare Bill.