F&C believes the ONLY people who need to go are those DEMOCRATS who voted for the following:

- The $1.2 TRILLION Porkulus Bill that hasn't generated a single job but introduced generational theft into America's lifestyle;

- The Cap-and-Tax bill that won't reduce greenhouse gases by one ounce, but will cause the price of energy to skyrocket;

- The 'Healthcare Reform Act' which will reduce the number of people covered by health insurance, introduce Americans to 'death panels' in deciding who gets what treatment, and drive healthcare costs through the roof.

- And any other piece of legislation the DEMOCRATS forced down America
's throat over the past 17 months.

It's the DEMOCRATS who are encouraging and protecting illegal aliens in this country, and that issue by itself costs the American taxpayer $1.642 TRILLION last year. Plus thousands, yes thousands, of incidents of rape, armed robbery and other such 'minor' felonies, and HUNDREDS of MURDERS.





  • In a troubling sign for the U.S. labor market, the number of workers filing new claims for unemployment benefits unexpectedly surged last week to wipe out most of the recent declines. The Labor Department said in its weekly report that initial claims for jobless benefits rose by 25,000 to 471,000 in the week ended May 15. Economists who were surveyed by Dow Jones Newswires had predicted claims would fall by 4,000.


  • President Obama had told Americans that they would be able to keep their insurance plans and their doctors after health reform became law. Well that was a flat out lie. Insurers and physicians are already reshaping their businesses as a result of the plan. Individual policies will have high start-up costs. Obama care will have its biggest impact on insurance sold directly to consumers or the individual market. These policies cost more to market and they also have higher medical costs, owing partly to selection by less healthy consumers.


  • Democratic leaders have long expected a challenging election year, with polls showing an energized Republican base and rising voter anxiety over Obama's agenda. The Democratic Party also faces a growing rebellion among the white, working-class voters within its ranks—people it needs to form a national governing majority. Already this month, Democratic voters have rejected one longtime incumbent, West Virginia Rep. Alan Mollohan, in a party primary. This past Tuesday, Democratic voters in Arkansas and Pennsylvania rendered judgment on two Senate incumbents, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania. Lincoln is headed for a run-off as Specter better start working on his golf game.





Jane McCauley


Terrorists come from religions that preach hate - that is easy to say. When a religion says our way is the only way, everyone else is going to hell - it becomes easier for a terrorist to kill non-believers since they are going to hell anyway. His god doesn't like them, so what's the harm in killing them?

Beware of the follower who says he is just a solider of god - for when the king says kill, the soldier must do so - even if the victim is a woman, child or a baby! The soldier bears no responsibility. It is easy then for a con-man to manipulate brain-washed soldiers like these & send them out to do "god's" work.

Terrorists usually come from King Religions - Religions that make the follower a subject/slave/servant at the service of his lord.  People who do this lose their freedom, becoming slaves of this master who promises salvation. The fact that he/she is sending billions of innocents to hell doesn't matter. Then a terrorist is born.



Schools in America

William P. Frasca


Our schools in America are becoming a war zone created by a wimpy United States Government, full of individual subservient cowards of idiocy. Our precious commodity and asset, which are our children, are being used as pawns, taught by the Liberal Marxist School Boards throughout the country that tolerance and political correctness in any and all capacity must be adhered to, at any cost. When did being tolerant and politically correct develop us into a society of jerks?


Since when did these self induced social political garbage of non-sense be introduced and taught as a must do policy? When did tolerance and political correctness become a sanctioned demoralizing way of life, for the hard working proud American citizens and legal aliens that are adapting to our remarkable ideology and culture? When did speaking English become a reprehensible crime?  When did this rubbish produce a Nation held hostage by an invading Army of ungrateful vagabonds, who are sucking the life out of this great Nation, while our elected officials sit back idly, twittering their thumbs, doing absolutely nothing but permitting this overthrow to happen.


One of our greatest American Republican President’s that ever lived, Abraham Lincoln once said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." We are experiencing this same scenario today. We are divided as a Nation. Mostly by a Government, refusing to acknowledge the realistic threat of the undocumented, arrogantly sticking their noses where they don’t belong, and seeing, hearing and speaking no evil on things relating to pertinent responsibility associated with their elected status and sworn duty. They refuse to honor, act and enforce the immigration laws, in which they created. The election of our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” was supposed to unite a so-called separated nation, branded by the Liberals. He produced more division in this Country within his short tenure in Office, since the catastrophic high priced human loss in our bleak period of history called the Civil War.


They naturally and easily blamed President Bush for any governmental/social malfunctions of conflict and confrontation, whether he was responsible or not. Isn’t it amazing how all the incompetent so called Teflon Democratic Marxist Liberal Democratic politicians had and still have the gall to accuse President Bush for creating every single problem initiated in the United State of America, and poor unfortunate Barack has to clean up the mess he inherited.


The same political spin is used by Obama constantly, who keeps creating and compounding new and improved problems on his own, with little or no help, and still has the audacity to regularly fault all those tribulations on Bush. When or will Barack ever take responsibility for his own actions.


He’s constantly given a free pass from the liberal news media. On very rare occasions they do report his mistakes, in which they are immediately chastised by the Obama Administration into a total weak meek cowardice existence. The American people, fortunately, are wise and independent. They discovered the President’s “Kryptonite”, seeing right through his lead barrier of conceit and deceit.


When “the people” make a mistake and elect individuals that are not honoring or respecting their oath of office, which is to defend America for all its enemies foreign and domestic,  betraying them in favor of their aggressors, then we should not hesitate,  but to  immediately recall and censor them from their duties. These people are traitors to our nation and must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This goes for our President, Barack Hussein Obama “The Chosen One”, who should definitely be impeached for his actions.


What’s transpiring in the State of Arizona and the incident that happened in Live Oak High School, Morgan Hill Unified School District, California, where five students were forcefully told to remove their American flag tee shirts or turn them inside out on May 5, 2010? Not to offend the Mexican students celebrating Cinco de Mayo is without a doubt, undisputed documented proof?


The Constitution of the United States of America doesn’t strong arm anyone into celebrating any Holiday, let alone another one from another Country. When did the colors of our glorious Flag that represents unselfishness, bravery and freedom ever hide or run, never. When did we ever approve of our Flag to be humiliated by a foreign invader, never? When did we ever lose our freedom of speech and expression, never? When did the illegal aliens ever be granted additional protections over our own legitimate citizens, never? When was our God Given Rights stripped from our existence, never? If our Flag offense you or anyone else, tough, get over it. This is The United States of America, and this is our Flag, it will wave, and be displayed proudly, whether you like it or not.


This mortification and desecration must be stopped immediately in its tracks, before we all find ourselves waking up one morning dominated, and submitting to a foreign dictator, unwillingly subjecting ourselves to their culture and obedience, and living in total shame and fear.


These five students are American heroes. They are the spark that woke us up to these atrocities that were hidden by the Marxist Liberal Bureaucrats and the Spineless Conservatives. Remember the Republicans are not completely innocent, in all this. They had complete power under President Bush, but they also failed and closed their eyes, to this debacle, in securing and defending our boarders, and the illegal alien catastrophe and controversy.


These students refused to comply with the clueless, shameful, despicable Vice-Principle Miguel Rodriguez, who forcefully tried playing “Pancho Villa”, by coming to the defense of the Mexicans; He decided to salute and honor their flag, on American soil, in one of America’s school system, obviously going against the Constitution. Even when faced with a hostile Administrator, ordering them to violate our flag, threatened with certain punishment and suspension, they stood their ground and said, No!


Mr., Rodriguez was obviously willing to surrender America, by bowing down to the pressures of obligatory acceptance, fear and social correctness, following the same humiliating failed path as our President did so many times to foreign dictators. This not only displays weakness, but also gives an unwarranted cold slap in the face, for all those courageous patriots, who unselfishly fought, for our Country, military and civilian. This gives an additional unwarranted cold slap in the face to our forefathers, our heritage, our pride, our Constitution, our glorious history as a Nation and especially the symbol of our freedom, our Flag.


This is unacceptable. Mr. Rodriguez identified himself as a scared follower and not a leader. He has no right or business to guild our children into the future. He should be terminated immediately.


If this is what our educational process has developed and regressed into, then we have no alternative as parents, guardians and mentors to re-establish our rights in loud protest, to implement and demand our total input into their academic growth and expansion. Know, question and evaluate all their educators. Go to the School Board of Education meetings, vote for every school board election. If they are appointed by the Mayor or some Administrator, put pressure on them, if they don’t listen, vote them out. Tell them we’re proud Americans, mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.