So it wasn’t too long ago the far left was screaming about the high gas prices under George Bush and the Republicans. That same anger today is non-existent by this same group. In fact the far left media is trying to sway attention away from any blame going on the president by saying “Has big oil played all of us?” quoted by Erica Hill on CBS News.


No the facts remain that average gas price under George Bush was $2.64. Gas prices now average $3.51 under the chosen one. Gee we were told it’s all the fault of the Republicans and George Bush who is in bed with big oil. Under Obama oil prices were to drop like a stone. What happened?


It can’t be George Bush’s fault anymore can it? Well at least Bush did address the issue and rose the margins are the speculators to get in the game and the price of oil started to fall. You know what Obama is doing? Nothing. A true sign of a genuine leader at work.






1.      When Obama and the Democrats were ramming healthcare down the public’s throat and going against public opinion, the Republicans didn’t flee to Canada, they stood their ground and voiced their opposition to the last minute. Yet the Democrats in Indiana ran like little kids on the union debate. The far left called them patriots, but you know what they would have said if it was the Republicans, cowards. But it’s the Democrats who are showing their true colors and running like little children. This is how they solve problems? It’s no wonder they lost big in the mid-term elections.


2.      Of course I’m not a fan of the union. What Governor Walker and others are doing to get union workers to contribute is about time. Unions outrageous demands are part of the reason we pay high prices for goods due to their out of control pensions and healthcare. The facts remain state workers pensions are fueled by the private sector and our taxes, while the state worker contributes zero. I’m all for limiting collective bargaining, but not abolishing it altogether. We have rights union and non-union to negotiate, that’s capitalism at its best. When you deny negotiations, that’s government telling you what to do and that’s a form of socialism, the Republicans are against this, so it’s odd that Walker who is a Republican wants to do this. Yes we know why he does, but that is pushing the envelop a little. Make state workers contribute to their healthcare and pensions like everyone else does.


The Middle East in Turmoil

William P. Frasca


The Obama Administration once again proved to the world and the American people that they are clueless. Their priorities are so discombobulated that they don’t know whether they’re coming or going.


The Middle East is in turmoil. The Islamic Republic of Iran, led by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, an unstable erratic President, who identifies and prides himself as being a modern day, 21st century Adolph Hitler is the definition of pure evil. His warped mentality and ultimate destructive solutions is an identical barbaric clone to this sadist, authorizing and justifying the complete and total annihilation of Israel , unmerciful genocide of its entire people. His self proclaimed, vain psycho illusionary destiny seems to manufacture his own sick interpretations and consent of his Muslin convictions.


Hitler didn’t stop with his persecution and murder to the Jews, his mass murder and hate continued to infect the world. Ahmadinejad will have the same sick ambitions of using any weapons at his disposal or means obtainable to commit crimes of mass destruction and murder. His loathing revulsion will escalate and spread to anyone who doesn’t mirror his self determining Muslin faith, with the United States of American, our Country, and our people in his sights.


The Iranians have been using any means at their disposal legal or otherwise for years in attempting to develop nuclear weaponry. All probability points to them achieving this goal in the very near future. They were able to maintain relations with friendly Countries sympathetic to their cause, that are wolves wearing sheep’s clothing, having alterative motives, offering them assess to other tools destruction.


Obama, the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives are obviously not guilty of giving those arms, but they are guilty of sticking their heads in the sand, when they had full government control, with pacification and empty rhetoric, hopping the problem would go away if ignored. Weakness always brings defeat.


We must question The Iranians motives with their request to Egypt , allowing their warships passage into the Suez Canal , and docking them close to Israel . Our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” and his inept Administration does nothing, without even expressing a low tone of protest, to this obvious harassment.


All these negative entities which are liberally progressing from a molehill into a mountain are emerging into an explosive situation. All these adversities while Obama fiddles, hems and hors into a naïve, non-existent entity.  This is beyond any reasonable intellectual belief or logic, for anyone to swallow, even if you are a great Barack loyalist, who worships at his alter, ready to mindlessly drink his blessed kool-aide. All evidences presented create an air tight case related to his sympathetic stance to the Muslim cause. Unfortunately, with the potentiality of having Muslim extremists taking over these successful revolutionary changes of governments, our National Security will obviously be compromised.


These individuals, as with past experiences, can not be dealt with on friendly terms, Any negotiations usually winds up with them taking a mile and wanting more, until they have totally destroyed your ideologies, and completely takeover your Nation. Countries such as Germany , Great Britain , France , and Italy and Australia have already realized this threat, steps within their own Nations and have taken corrective measures.


Passive resistance and tolerance proves to be a futile attempt in useless submission. This senseless road to peace will leave us defenseless by his passive reactions, allowing all hostilities and aggressiveness to grow unchallenged. When will we realize that we have no friends in the Middle East except for Israel , and our so-called acquaintances or oil business associates, are waiting in the wings, to betray our existence? Obama’s answer to bow and apologize is a sad humiliating symbol of representing our leadership and our Country that reflects upon us all, the voting electorate.


His complacent attitude, lack of concern and simplistic answer when asked the question concerning a possible rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood, in Egypt , offers further proof of his close ties and relationships to the Muslim community, including the extremists with his acts of continued appeasements.


America is progressively losing its identity as the beacon of hope, freedom and strength throughout the world. We are being threatened with potential attacks by terrorist throughout the world. America is presently being invaded on our Southern boarder by hostile Drug Cartels and illegal aliens committing atrocious crimes, yet this Administration twiddle their thumbs and turn their backs on the problem leaving us and our enforcement agents totally defenseless and at their mercy.


If this is any indication, of these Administrations policies we are in deep trouble. The Middle East is tipping the scales of change, with the people thirsting for new rulers and different forms of Government. If the past is a barometer of the future, then we can expect American turmoil in this region. All successful past revolutionary attempts and government over throws, has resulted in a catastrophe. Let’s go back with the Shah of Iran’s losing power, during the Jimmy Carter Administration. Our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One’s mirrors this gentleman’s failed policies foreign and domestic, he is his mentor. It seems as though his following in his footsteps will be the same disastrous outcome. Carter stupidity and inept passive policies, eventually developed Ahmadinejad’s rise to power showing his contempt and hatred for our Country. Unfortunately right or wrong history does repeat itself. 


We must remain our Country’s watchdog, constantly monitoring and observing the maneuvers initiated by this Administration. This classic movie “The Manchurian Candidate”, immediately comes to mind concerning the comedy of errors demonstrated by this Administration’s bungling and total acts of ineptness, or are they really clever acts of well orchestrated forms of intentional planning?


Did we possibly elect, then candidate Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” as our President, who was totally brain washed as a child, in the sensitivity and compassion towards the Muslim agenda, while idolizing the Marxist teachings of Communism? Did we possibly elect then candidate, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” as our President, who is totally willing to sacrifice America and the American people in the name of his non-aggressiveness, and total sellout, by placing his liberal Socialist beliefs and agenda, including imposing his political and religious convictions and correctness upon us all? We must as a free nation, peacefully and logically question his actions and motives?


The power of the vote is our most valuable voice and tool. We must participate, logically and intelligently in every election as though our lives and future depended upon it, because in reality, it does. America, we made a terrible mistake, let’s hope the damage made by this Administration is reversible.