How convenient that the U.S and the world are becoming or at being unstable and Obama’s solution to the problem is to go play golf and fill out his NCAA Basketball brackets. He found that to be much more important than to address the debt that is drowning the U.S and the problems the world is facing.


Obama went golfing the day the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan and while the debate on the U.S debt was happening on the congress floor, Obama went on ESPN to reveal his NCAA brackets.


See Obama might have in his final four teams like Michigan, Ohio State, Kansas and Kentucky, but I bet my final four is very different:


My final four would have:


1.      Addressing the high gas prices that threaten to derail the economic recovery.

2.      Address the ballooning deficit and make budget cuts to stop America from drowning.

3.      Address the unstable issues in the middle-east that threaten to explode the region and force economic problems across the world.

4.      Address the high unemployment in the U.S that stands at 9%.


See there are two very different priorities happening here, on one side you have Obama the golfer and master at the NCAA brackets, then you have me and the rest of America who wants these issues addressed. The problem is our President has much more important issues to tackle it seems. So why is he the President? Obama has let these issues go unaddressed and still we here nothing that he plans on addressing in the near future.



Leadership Changes are Brewing

William P. Frasca


Revolutions, protests, civil unrest, power and leadership changes are brewing throughout the Middle East , America ’s National Security is at stake and yet our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One’s” top priority is to organize, support and sanction additional conflicts and upheaval against the newly elected Republican controlled government of Wisconsin using the Unions as tools of aggression.


His main objective was either, to attempt in establishing calm or discovery on both sides, or rightfully ignoring this conflict by allowing home State rule to take its course. His unorthodox behavior to negatively join in by taking sides with labor, getting them all riled up, by throwing gas on a situation ready to explode is unethical. He always seems to aggressively participates in anything relating to the escalation of increasing division in America, but bows and crawl to every Tom, Dick, or Harry third world vicious self proclaimed Dictator, that hates America and approves of human atrocities and torture.


The State employees Union had no problem in organizing, because help is coming to them from all directions. They are not alone. Their allies joining there fight are multiple Socialist and Communist groups which have also been compounded with the unauthorized, none of their business, help and aide of the Democratic National Committee and our President Barack Hussein Obama, The Chosen One.


The Governor, who was left with a huge deficit and virtually broke, by his Democratic predecessor, took the Bull by the Horns announcing that the State is in a hole, with no monetary resources or surplus. His only alternative, at his disposal is to cut expenses, which also included givebacks from the State employees, aiming at the teachers.


His request or should we say demands included contributing more into their pension plans and paying a percentage of their health benefits. These are not unreasonable, because of the State’s budget crunch, even with a previous negotiated contract Labor and Management must work hand in hand. Management’s main concern is the save the State from financial ruins and Labor should support these measures to save the jobs of their rank and file. It serves no purpose for either side to forsake the State and allow potential bankruptcy.


Union officials should do everything in its power to save these jobs, even offering concessions. They’re not going to earn any extra points with the average tax paying non-government worker, who a footing the bill, while having their children presently, staying at home, because of protesting educators. Why should these State employees be exempt from any givebacks when other private and government employees, throughout the Country are presently relinquishing and experiencing these burdens?


Obama, should learn from the strength and courage portrayed by these Republican officials for their immediate actions and decisions to balance the budget, by cutting spending, and reducing the deficit in which he failed to do our President. His pansy attitude and belief, which is yielding to the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives, relating to their failed policies of constantly having the same mentality of taxing and spending our money relentlessly, destroying our economy and our future, in the unholy name of distribution of wealth. This Administration is in total shambles.


The Governor also included a potential unfortunate end to the Union ’s collective bargaining unit in negotiating all perks accept for wages and salaries. The State also wants to place upon them additional rules, regulations and burdens, dictating and controlling their policies towards the rank and file, diminishing their representative role.


Even though my opinions mirror those of the Governors, I still believe in the minimum interference of any Government intervention. Our Constitution, must be respected, obeyed and defended. This precious document protects all our legitimate citizens and groups, their inalienable rights, including the freedom of assembly, without violent malicious intent.


If we allow any portion of our Government to place limitations on anyone or group exercising and protecting their rights, then where does it end? Whose next?  When and where does it stop? Who determines their limitations or demise? As “The rock group The Who” sang, “And the men who spurred us on, Sit in judgment of all wrong” “They decide and the shotgun sings the song”


Any Governor, or official, whether they are Democrat or Republican have no authority to control or manipulate the Unions, as the Unions have no authority to control or manipulate the State. Dictatorship, abuse, extortion and forced obedience must not be accepted in a free society. All sides of the spectrum consisting of Citizen/Government, Employers/Employees, Union or Management in the public or the private sector must have mutual respect and dignity. United we stand, divided we fall!


Any interference or control from Management or the Union that would indicate a potential dominance or takeover by either party must not happen. Such as our own Government must never have a one party rule. Our checks and balances must be preserved forever. Absolute power always corrupts.


The forced elimination or mandatory reduction of powers towards your opponent only proves your incompetence and insecurities. An unarmed shackled opponent will always be easily defeated. This goes for all involved the State, Private Businesses Non-Union and Union establishments. A fair and balanced equilibrium on all sides must be maintained.


Even “Right to Work States” which allows the options of creating or joining a Union , combine respect, decency, fair wage, proper working conditions coupled with tolerance, compassion and loyalty from both parties. Can this actually happen to States having a Union/Management environment that were struggling adversaries for years, without using strong arm tactics in obtaining their demands?


The Wisconsin Democratic lawmakers are snakes, for their cowardice acts of hiding in their Illinois holes, under a rock, running away from their responsibilities, halting the process. These elected officials are committing a crime against the people and their oaths of Office. They should without any hesitation be immediately impeached, and relieved of their responsibilities. They should also be indicted for their crimes against the State, which must include negligent of duty.


The Union is not an angel in all this. They’re members are demonstrating despicable acts, which should be recorded, reported, prosecuted and must not be allowed to continue or go unnoticed. All those employees that called in sick, were legally documented and caught protesting should be docked their pay, and reprimanded to the fullest extent possible, including the doctors who falsified their illnesses.


What’s happening in Wisconsin , good or bad, has all the indications of starting a domino effect with the possibility of other States joining in with similar strategies and policies. Let’s hope this doesn’t escalate into a wide scale mass reaction of civil unrest. This is America and we are all Americans. Malicious physical assaults, threats, aggressions, hostility, brutality and cruelty should always be impeded, and never used, Violence of course is never the answer. Calm, civility and peaceful rational dialog should always prevail.