Rahm Emanuel said, “You never let a good crisis go the waste.” And this BP spill disaster is being used by the administration for political gain. The following is an letter from American Solutions (


President Obama addressed the nation about his administration's efforts to address the crisis.
After offering two short paragraphs to explain what is actually being done to stop the oil leak, President Obama devoted most of his speech to explaining why the oil leak means now is the time to dramatically and permanently
raise the cost of gas, diesel, and electricity for every American.
Jay Leno gave voice to the widespread puzzlement people have with Obama's misplaced focus last night:  "President Obama said today he is going to use the Gulf disaster to immediately push a new energy bill through Congress. I got an idea ... How about first using the Gulf disaster to fix the Gulf disaster?"
Good question, President Obama is not focused on plugging the oil leak and is instead focused on plugging new energy taxes.
President Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, said at the start of the Obama presidency that "you never let a crisis go to waste," which we now know means that the Obama team never lets a crisis go without out more borrowing, more taxing, and more spending in support of their political allies.  We saw this with the $862 billion stimulus law that didn't create jobs, the ObamaCare law that won't bend the health cost curve down, and now with ObamaEnergy that won't lower energy costs and won't increase energy supplies.
Using the present crisis as pretext, President Obama is now urging the Senate to pass cap and trade energy taxes. Even though this has nothing to do with plugging the hole, Obama and his liberal allies in Congress want the power to spend billions in new tax revenues through a massive redistribution of wealth from taxpayers to green energy company shareholders. 
The Senate is reportedly going to take up a cap and trade energy tax bill shortly after it returns on July 12th. If it passes the Senate, the House will vote on and approve that new tax in a lame duck session after the November elections.
These new energy taxes will hurt you and your family with higher gas and electricity costs. They will kill hundreds of thousands of jobs, prevent small business growth, and ship jobs overseas to China
and India.  
Meanwhile, the oil continues to gush under the Gulf waters.  Like Jay Leno, Senator Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, summed up well this President's misplaced priorities:  "The climate bill isn't going to stop the oil leak...The first thing you have to do is stop the oil leak."
The President should listen to his friend Senator Feinstein and plug holes, not taxes.



Creating Confusion

William P. Frasca


What additional information can be said or added, to this bleak conception of tragic catasosphere, which has been initiated by the British Petroleum (BP) oil rig accident, while they were drilling (one mile under the sea) for oil, in the Gulf of Mexico. This sad development brought an ecological plague upon the waters and shores, to this most blessed area filled with enriched beautiful natural resources. It had a thriving variety of living creatures from the animal kingdom that not only contributed to the beauty, but also enhanced recreation and prosperity to the region. It provided, a living, for all of the hard working residents, established businesses, and provided a relaxing atmosphere for vacationers.


What could possibly bring a beacon of light to this very dark tunnel of betrayal and disaster? Well let’s start by stopping the oil which is shooting out under the sea, every second, minute of everyday. This unstoppable gush of black decay brings an unfortunate daily ritual of hazardous pollution to the region. A person doesn’t need a degree in ecology to realize that this is unmercifully contaminating the waters, creating an unnatural point of no return, which will increase the brutalization of death and destruction.


This tragedy as we all assumed, but we all know what happens when we assume, should have been corrected immediately? Let’s not pull any punches. Anyone with half a brain would definitely have a backup plan of attack to correct any and all unforeseen possible defects or non deliberate hardships, to limit any collateral and financial damages. Why are we now faced with trial and error?


Naturally British Petroleum (BP) was definitely one of the main perpetrators of this dastardly deed, but there was another weasel in the henhouse that always denies they ate the hen, always claiming their innocence, while being seen and caught with feathers sticking out of their out their mouths. One guess and its not Arizona, its, our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” and his incompetent Socialist Marxist Democratic Party, including his self proclaimed best and the brightness Czars and Department Heads. These so-called elite Hippocrates are clueless in resolving any dilemma big or small. They escalate any crisis by creating more confusion and governmental bureaucracies. Their track record only proves that America made a big mistake in giving them full authority. Their administered projected lies, innuendoes, ultimatums and empty promises creates an environment of mistrust, which escalates disapproval and confidence.


Our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”, when he first heard of the oil rig explosion, immediately used any and all resources at his disposal to rectify this unfortunate situation, what did he do? Well he went on vacation? He didn’t stop there to fix this hideous problem, he continued to use all his additional expertise, wisdom and intelligence, holding nothing back coming to the rescue like the lone ranger, or better yet Captain America, what did he do? He went on vacation again?


This might sound a little sarcastic but obviously there is more honesty portrayed in this article than this Administration has given and offered to the American people since his inauguration. It definitely twists all human senses relating to these non-existent reactions displayed by our Socialist leaders. Wasn’t it quit humorous to see all the Socialist Marxist Democratic Congressional fair haired boys and girls preaching to (BP) CEO, Tony Haywood, and attacking him and his company’s competence?  It was our elected buffoons’ responsibility in the first place to monitor (BP’s) drilling through the federal Minerals Management Service. Their inept responsibilities and denials are becoming quit a boring chore of producing unlimited and growing funguses of failures, following their lack of ability and ineffectiveness. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.


Especially, Congressman Bart Stupak of Michigan , when he himself lacks any scruples, knowledge or courage, with his branded non-assertive characteristics of being a traitor to his convictions on abortion, by proven to be a frightful follower instead of a courageous leader? 


This grandstanding from all the Socialist Marxist Democrats was so dramatic; it made a Greek play of tragedy look like a scene from Mary Poppins.


Now that this has been dragging along which seemed to be a lifetime, with questionable results even if was stopped today, our President has decided, with a little arm twisting from the American people, to get tough. He’s laughingly changing his tactics from kissing butt to kicking butt. So he decided to get his hands dirty, no pun intended, and once again visiting the site, continued to make more excuses and comments to the people, such as, “I can’t dive down there myself and plug the hole”, or “I can’t suck the oil up with a straw? But Mr. President “You Are The Chosen One”, sent to lead us into the Promised Land, surely you’re capable of doing all that?


He finally met with (BP), CEO Tony Haywood, something he should have done from the beginning that opened the door for an agreement of the company to put aside a 20 billion dollar fund, to revitalize lost incomes and businesses in the area. This was too little, too late. At least our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” had the opportunity to appoint another Czar, Kenneth Feinberg, full of potential ineptitudes, to oversee the allocation of these funds. God please help us?


If he logically took this very seriously in the beginning, by accepting, instead of refusing all assistances possible that was generosity being offered to aid and assist in the cleanup. That included and considering all pertinent recommendations made by private individuals, companies, including foreign representatives, who had related experiences and were more than capable of sharing their knowledge, wisdom, understanding and equipment, in solving, cleaning and plugging up the hole, maybe this molehill wouldn’t have developed into a mountain. Their potential assistance went to a government full of deaf ears and mindless arrogance of idiocy. Ego and ignorance is a terrible thing, especially when it has a negative effect and extends uncontrollably to the ruination of innocent lives.


It is quit evident that (BP) together with our federal government are filled with incompetent agencies and bureaucrats that have absolutely no clue on how to correct the problem. They should stop procrastinating and start swallowing their pride, seeking and asking for help, before our wetlands, fishing areas and shores are turned into a useless disparaging sea of modern day Black Death and despair.


Write or call our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”, your United States Senators, and Congressional Representatives for portraying their lackadaisical, reckless conceited egotistical behavior with mindless inabilities and solutions. Express your deep concerns, tell them to accept their responsibilities, instead of cowardly passing the buck, and blaming others, because all these social and political  malfunctions, that they incomprehensibly manufactured, humiliates and degrades us all, as Americans.