Give me $20 Billion to distribute as I see fit, thank you. Vilify the Oil Industry and especially, BP. Create Plans and talk at length about them (His speech). Promise lots of money to any resident of the Gulf Coast (Katrina Plus). Obama’s speech was a disaster; it had no real solution to the problem. It almost seemed like Obama was unprepared. I noticed he managed to sneak Cap and Trade into the speech. Obama certainly is good at speeches but…..

What President Obama is not good at was a meaningful mobilization of Federal Resources to the spill site within days of the explosion. Instead it took from mid-April to today for him to formulate his "Plan" (dream). Plans don't help "victims". Government therefore, can not help any individual in real time, if at all. People seriously have to question Obama’s leadership in a time of crisis. There is no leadership. This spill will ruin lives and hurt the economy. Even the liberal media was quick to bash Obama’s speech on BP.

The Netherlands apparently immediately offered state of the art oil skimming and other ships in the first three days only to be turned down by Obama.



Is it the job of MSM (mainstream media) to convince the people that they don't have a 3rd or 4th choice outside the Democrat/Republican (RINOs)? Snap out of it America! People make up neighborhoods, neighborhoods make up districts/burrows, districts/burrows make up counties, counties make up states, and the states make up the United States. At the end of the day it is just people... Don't let MSM make you believe any different. You hold the cards and that is the dirty secret the RINOs don't want you to know.




On last week’s World News, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos touted how “we've got a new poll out tonight that shows the Tea Party may be losing steam nationwide” as its unfavorable rating has “gone up eleven points in the last couple of months to 50 percent. Their favorable rating has gone down.” Stephanopoulos and ABC, however, didn’t find time, in multiple stories on the oil leak, to inform viewers how the same ABC News/Washington Post survey, released Tuesday morning, found that by 49 to 44 percent the public disapproves of President Obama's handling of the disaster. In addition, “the number of Americans who think the President ‘understands the problems of people like you,’ at 51 percent, is down from 56 percent in a Washington Post poll in late March; and at 57 percent his rating as a strong leader is down from 65 percent in March.”




Real Political Change

William P. Frasca


Real political change is in the air, you could actually feel it throughout your whole body, mind and spirit, like a cool summer breeze. It’s not an illusion portrayed by phony, self righteous, demigods, of vain non-sense and non-existent promises consisting of manipulating the masses with mistrustful rhetoric that was spoken by our President, Barack Hussein Obama,” The Chosen One”. This is not a fairytale of communicative darkness of escalated disbelief, but a refreshing stimulating endorsement of true American democracy.


One of the causalities, but the scorecard and players are constantly changing, places another notch into the belt of the American electorate. The justified victim was Republican United States Senator from Utah, Bob Bennett. He didn’t even have the opportunity to enter or leave the starting gate, denied by his associates and delegates at the Utah Republican convention. His attempt for a fourth consecutive term was immediately crushed by his own Party, who literally threw him out of the race.


The responsibility of his rejection was primarily started and completed by the Tea Party movement.  This victory and a combination of truthful promises fulfilled, by them, are progressively building additional credence, and acknowledgement to their increasing strength. The Tea Party activists had a disagreement with his stance, on favoring TARP or (Troubled Assets Relief Program), this in their eyes were unforgivable, which immediately decreased all confidences in his ability to represent the true American ideals, according to the United States Constitution consisting of less government control and interference.

Bennett voted to bail out Wall Street which only enforced many Conservatives and Republicans that he had become too much of a Washington insider, going with the flow abandoning any and all their principles, policies and initiatives..

Sarah Palin, together with the members of the Tea Party are truly keeping their pledge of holding our elected officials feet to the fire, especially all those who made the  decision of going against the will of the people, and limiting our God given valued freedoms. No one is safe from their wrath, no matter what the party affiliation, by making them accountable, for their self righteous, greedy, cowardice actions.


We need fresh clean, intelligent, courageous new independent blood. The Representatives presently in Congress and in the Senate have become staled pawns and out of touch with the American people. They have become legends in their own minds. Those individuals who abandoned their oath of office are aggressively given the knockout punch, hitting the canvas and falling like a tree, unconscious and out for the count, by the people.


They demonstrated their inabilities to become leaders, instead of followers. The moderate middle of the road wimps, the ones that are on the wrong side of history, are definitely expendable and the most susceptible to end their political existence. This Civil War within one Party structure, extends to all, which is in the process of building a strong new and improved association, aggressively eliminating, an out of control, growing Socialist government, that is slowly limiting our constitutional liberties.     


Gov. Charlie Crist also felt their sting, with his cuddling of Obama, endorsing his exorbitant bailout program, with his unconditional acceptance of these funds offered to the great State of Florida. This forever branded him as a shill for the Democrats, being bought and sold by the highest bidder. His comfortable lead in the Republican Primary became disintegrated with almost certain defeat at the hands of the Conservatives, Tea Party, and non party affiliated voters, which forced him to abandon the Republican Party, and run as an Independent.

This maneuver actually proved that he truly wasn’t a representative of the people, but only a power hungry, vain, smug person out for his own self determination and advancement. He has been inflected with the, me, myself and I syndrome, which seems to be a contagious disease with the present day politician. Hopefully the next general elections, in Florida, will inhabitant his political demise.

Old guard incumbent lawmakers throughout the Country are finding themselves in trouble, losing their appeal to the voters, such as the GOP Senate races in Arizona, Kentucky and New Hampshire.

Arizona, Sen. John McCain is in a tough primary fight against former Rep. J.D. Hayworth, a conservative talk-radio host. In Kentucky, Rand Paul, the son of Libertarian Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, defeated his challenger, Secretary of State Trey Grayson who was hand picked and supported by the GOP establishment, including former Vice-President Dick Chaney, to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning. New Hampshire, former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte is battling three Republican challengers to fill the seat being vacated by Republican Judd Gregg.


The hurricane of change is affecting both major Political Parties, especially after the Democratic incumbent loses in Virginia and New Jersey for Governor and the miracle in Massachusetts of a Republican winning easily for United States Senator.


Present day members of the United States Senate, House of Representatives and Governors, who decided not to seek re-election bids, were definitely feeling the walls of the angry electorate literally closing in on them.


Arlen Specter was a Republican then turned Democrat, totally humiliating himself, before and after his justified Primary loss, because he didn’t read the handwriting on the wall, and know when to say when?


Senator Blanche Lincoln, who’s no Abe Lincoln, has a house divided in Arkansas, with her side crumbling.


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D), of Nevada, is in the fight of his incoherent political life, with his opponent Sharron Angle, Republican/Tea Party Candidate.


Senator Barbara Boxer (D), of California, is literally shadow boxing with her own arrogance. All great news!


We the people are now realizing the power we actually have to end political deception, corruption, thievery, and dominance. We the people have the absolute power to eliminate the dominating force of supreme unanswerable leadership and Socialism. We the people hold total control in steering the course of our own destiny right on the tip of our fingers.


This armor piercing non-violent weapon, which is to vote in America, must be utilized. This must be revered, and never take it for granted. This defends our democracy, protecting us from tyranny.


This was a long time coming, for years, the silent majority remained silent to the numerous, multiple assaults and humiliations, paced on them by the Progressives. They have been taken for granted, placed on the, “pay them no mind list”, treated unjustly and used unmercifully too forcefully pay for all social programs.


The Tea Party, if it accomplishes anything, united all those, blocked, thwarted and obstructed Americans with a common goal, which is “taxation with representation”, a voice, an identity, in controlling our government, protecting the Constitution and our liberties, while removing the elected boils.


Don’t let anyone, group or Party dictate your life or the lives of your family for generations to come, by giving them in the palm of their hands, total and complete authority. This election cycle is so important to our survival. Let’s continue to keep these aggressive election tactics until we have political leaders by, for and of the people. Right now the incumbents are dropping like flies, keep up the good work America, we finally realized that they work for us, we are their bosses and we have the authority to fire them at will.