Rhetoric about there being "two Americas" divided into the "haves and have nots" is all too common, but you should probably expect to see an uptick in that very soon. The ‘haves’ being earnings, “have nots” being jobs and housing.


What do I mean, well Q2 earnings for American companies have been remarkable for how disconnected they seem from the actual economy, as measured by the various weekly and monthly indicators. We don't have to list the various jobs and housing numbers that have been just short of abysmal.


And yet earnings from a range of giants, like FedEx and DuPont, suggest that business is booming, or will at some point in the future.


Now it could be that these good earnings will soon translate hiring, and everything will be great. But watch out if the divergence occurs, because that will mean fresh anger and scorn from politicians, and everyone else.  




The White house which is already defensive over the Afghan war is scrambling to keep a leak of secret military documents from eroding the support of Pakistan, a key ally for U.S operations against Al Qaeda and related militant groups. The documents which was being published online by WikiLeaks of 76,000 reports spanning five plus years of the war offer few new revelations and are mostly made up of raw and potential faulty intel.


The White house was mostly concerned about documents that stated Pakistan was aiding the Taliban and other documents on sensitive material like secret strikes against the Taliban leaders, accounts of civilian casualties, and Al Qaeda ties to Iran.


This leak could damage the cooperation the U.S has been receiving from Pakistan. The U.S should be very concerned about the leak and the safety of our troops. This was a huge breach of security that just makes the U.S look well stupid.



Low taxes, deep discounts on real estate and warm sunshine have the wealthiest people moving south. America’s wealthy seem to like warm weather and low taxes. Florida, Georgia and Texas are the dream destinations of the rich these days as the top five places included 3 counties in Florida (Collier county which includes Naples, Nassau county and Walton county) Georgia included Green county and Texas included Llano county.




Consumer confidence continues to erode further amid worries about the job market. Concerns among retailers have grown as the last two months consumer confidence fell which is not a good sign heading into the back-to-school-season. Economists are also worried that the decline in confidence is another sign the overall economy remains weak.


Not surprised by the decline, people are more pessimistic about future job prospects as many are not expecting more jobs to open up in the coming months. More on this topic to come in the next article.





Corruption in America

William P. Frasca


Corruption in America, its not new, it’s been around for years, but why do we as Americans constantly allow this abomination to exist, with no fair and equable establish procedures or final solutions. Some are given a free pass, while others are prosecuted to the fullest extent. Sometimes what’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander.


This is a growing fungus, which infects our Country, and our lives as American citizens and taxpayers. Let’s consecrate on some federal politicians that have brought an alleged scandalous crimes and shame to the already ruined defenseless reputations of all our Representatives. If these observations were expanded to the States, especially in New Jersey alone, including all levels of Local government bureaucrats, there would be enough material to write a book, the size of “War and Peace”.


These unscrupulous measures would even rescue our present regressing financial abomination, reduce taxes, unemployment and virtually save us from an embarrassing situation of accepted thievery.


Obviously no one particular Party has a monopoly on corruption, all sides are guilty. It seems as though when these malicious acts of public greed or abuse of powers are committed by individuals, whose ideologies of the far right, the main stream media, together with the Socialist Democrats, would spread the news across the nation. They would immediately stress and demand for their resignation, and possible imprisonment for their alleged crimes, stressing the word “alleged” because they weren’t convicted?


These lynch mob tactics are obviously standard operational procedures, which are used by them unmercifully, for the sole purpose of intimation and humiliation. Naturally this goes against all American judicial procedures, standards and rights, that a person is innocent until proven guilty.


This is a selected time in which the American justice system is overridden by Bigots and Hippocrates that brow beat anyone who doesn’t agree with their sick determinations. Even if there was a terrible mistake in judgment, the accused would be subjected to all sorts of vicious attacks, mentally, physically and spiritually, while these vigilantes sit as judge, jury and executioner.


Naturally any and all multiple illicit acts of unacceptable behaviors by any elected or appointed officials are disgraceful, and must never be accepted. If found guilty, with a fair and proper hearing. They unconscionably demean their oath of office, which must be aggressively investigated with possible removal, according to law, but their guilt must never be predetermined.


The Left has developed a Teflon coating, holding themselves to different implemented standards and circumstances, which are only, enacted to fit the status of all their party members. They immediately recognized any Socialist Democratic malpractices as harmless mistakes, which eventually throws someone else under the bus, blaming the opposition. The Liberal press is always very sympathetic and goes out of their way to down play the situation, by enhancing misinformation and double talk. While the Left manufactures and rehearses the same defensive spin, which includes the “code of silence”


The blind balanced scales of justice, sometimes has the imprudence,  to uncover one eye when it comes crimes and criminals,  relating  to certain individuals, groups, or organizations, that are anointed by them and meet with their criteria to propel them into absolute power.


Here are a few Federal politicians that happen to be Democrats who brought an alleged scandalous scarlet letter of skepticism, untrustworthiness and dishonesty.


If there are any questionable ethics violations and reasonable doubt on the motives of our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “the Head of his Democratic Party and our so-called leader and Commander-In-Chief, then the governmental body has an obviously good chance of being adversely affected. The head obviously controls the body. His campaign promises of producing a transparent Administration has turned out to be a secret society of habitual back room unethical, corrupt, Chicago style politics, of twisted forced policies, political hacks and unacceptable, unconstitutional procedures.


The Comical appointment of the Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geither, Democrat, who was selected by our wonderfully so-called intelligent, President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” to oversee this over inflated Department. Imagine this individual is also in charge of the Internal Revenue Service, who admitted in his own words that he failed to pay $34,000 Dollars in Social Security and Medicare taxes from the years 2001-2004. If this happened to a lower level employee within this Agency, its policy requires immediate termination. These idiotic unjustified appointments only surmise an escalated identification in humiliation and mockery, not only to the Obama Administration but also offers suspensions and uncertainty towards Obama himself.


Congressional Representative, Charles Rangel, of New York , had allegations and questions of misconduct, over a year after these accusations were brought to light. He resigned as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. One of these so far unproven assertions were he conveniently omitted income from his off shore rental property of $75,000 dollar. This in itself would have been a signed sealed and delivered demise of any Conservative.


This so-called representative of the people had the abstinence of removing all dignity, respect and compassion towards his constituents by unconscionably raising, approving and adding additional taxes, and having the audacity of questionably ignoring these set of laws for his own personal gain, would be reprehensible and literally placing himself above the law.


What actually caused his self removal was a long list of suspected improprieties, from using his influences to buy property n Harlem , to free Caribbean vacations, in which he naturally places the blame on his staff, or being humorous, (LOL) President George W. Bush, which is a typical liberal reaction and defense.

He is presently being investigated by the House Ethics Committee, after a year of trying to bury these allocations under the carpet. This successful resurrection will hopefully bring a justified hearing and conclusion. Still skeptical, even though it’s bi-partisan, what are the chances of a fair discovery with a Democratically controlled Committee going against one of their own? Or will it be “Let’s make a deal; “Smoke in Mirrors”? Only time, politics, and power will tell.


 Representative Barney Frank, Democrat, Massachusetts, who had the special privilege of directly using his powers as Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee to sway Federal Regulators, in which he admitted speaking, to release and funneled (12) million dollar cash from TARP to a Boston-Based Massachusetts Bank named. “One United”.  This monetary gift administered, wasn’t authorized by the generous taxpayers of this great Country, and basically remained clueless. We are left in total darkness with most federal financial operations, distributed by their (our) government. We the people are definitely losing control.


The bank in question was also under attack for their questionable loan practices and excessive executive perks. Congressman Frank, in his position, also had influence in controlling the operations of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which eventually crumbled and again resurrected, with free reins, by the shackled taxpayer. He totally disavowed this role, relinquishing all responsibility of their collage. All investigated evidences prove to be the contrary. Frank was also given a free ride by the liberally controlled Broadcasting Companies of America .


Senator Christopher Dodd, Democrat from Connecticut , who is the Head of the Senate Banking Committee, was offered and given special treatment, concerning the terms of his loan accepted and administered by Countrywide Financial. His relationship with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was also described as shady and dishonest. No wonder he brought legislation to the Senate floor that would basically exonerating mortgage lenders, of their financial commitments, by placing their responsible burdens on the taxpayers. One in question was the Bank of America, who contributed to his campaign war chest approximately $70,000 dollars. This was also buried on the Obituary page.


The Speaker of the House of Representatives, the most cynical, deceitful contemptible, Congresswoman from California , “The Incompetent One” Nancy Pelosi., who constantly stresses that this Congress was the most honest, has either blinder on, or a complete idiot in total denial. She acknowledges that all established ethics rules and regulations relating to corruption, instability, principles, bribery and morals only pertain to the Republican Party, while the Democrats are abundantly given “Get out of Jail Free Cards. She is the most hideous and despicable of them all, because she is the nucleus of all malpractices that are committed daily in today’s Washington DC cesspool of Congressional deviants.


These names just scratched the surface of a run away unanswerable government full of deceptive practices. These individuals named are all Democrats, the Republican Party, obviously and logical isn’t at all completely innocent, but this is just to point out an existing doubled standard. There are absolutely, positively more involve, with little or no informational media coverage, warranted criticism, responsibilities, or punishments for their actions.


Why am I picking on the Liberal Socialist Marxist Democrats, because they are presently the Party in the majority? The American electorate made a big mistake, by eliminating the Checks and Balances system. This created an atmosphere of absolute power which undoubtedly escalates fraud and sleaze.  Like a junky needing a fix, eating away at their existence, unsatisfied, they want more, which will heavily compound the dangerous limitations, we are now all experiencing regarding our precious American freedoms.  


These are the same despicable untrustworthy thieves who want to have complete dominance in America ’s healthcare system, giving thumbs up or down, judging life and death situations on us all. When will we as Americans, legally take back our Country, and adamantly echo in loud voices of protest, demanding that enough is enough and we are not going to take this anymore. Remember corruption adversely effect everyone, everything and depletes our monetary efforts. So take names, vote the bums out and never forget.