Obama may be in denial as he referred the election of Scott Brown similar to his. He said that the same thing that swept Scott Brown into the Senate seat swept him into the White House. He quoted that the last 8 years was the reason. If that were true then, George Bush had a direct impact in getting a “Republican” elected. Brown ran on an entirely different platform than Obama.

So Obama better realize the policies and actions from within the last year got Scott Brown elected which means Obama is accountable for that result.



Obama’s first state of the union address is tonight and many may tune in to hear if Obama got the message from the voters as of the results in VA, NJ, and MA elections. Those election outcomes for the most part, cry out how the rest of America see’s Obama’s presidency.


I’m really interested in hearing what he has to say as I feel this President is full of himself and believes he is doing nothing wrong. One thing that Obama has done this year is speak too much on camera and has shown very little action towards what the American people believe to be important, but has shown action on items he believes is important.


There was Obama’s mistake. He ignored what America put him in office to do. He instead decided to move with this radical agenda which most Americans are sour to.


Voters wanted the following:


  1. Obama was put in office to take care of the economy which is the #1 topic among Americans, but totally ignored it. Nearly one in five American workers is unemployed or underemployed. That means wages are losing ground. One in three homes with a mortgage is under water. Millions of Americans are headed for possibly losing their homes.


  1. The democrats were put in office and control in 2006 due to the irresponsible spending habits of the Republican Party but managed to continue that spending and increased the deficit to record levels which will harm all of us down the road.



Obama cannot go into the State of the Union address and tell everyone that things are okay and looking good. He cannot tout the stimulus package which did not create jobs (He can however say that for some states the stimulus allowed them to continue operations and slow layoffs), He cannot say he will continue the push for healthcare as the majority of Americans want him to terminate it. He cannot say the financial sector is good because although stabilizing, lending is still not happening.


F&C believes Obama will tout these areas spoken above as he continues to campaign instead of putting words into action. F&C believes Obama never had a plan on the economy, Obama was hoping that the stimulus package would take care of that allowing him to proceed with his socialistic view of America plan under the radar.


Voters did not want the government to get involved in their lives nor did they want bigger government. Obama’s main task was the economy which he failed to address. Now Obama has a shot to turn things around, he has 3 years to do so. But if things continue to go as they have been going, the mid-term elections will be the next message. Obama needs to stop ramming radical policies down the throats of Americans and tell America why his policies are good for us. One reason he has not done so is because his policies all come with a price to pay. Better to just pass them without any questions.






  • A new report out last week stated that the banking system is stronger than in 2009 but far from stable and recovered. Gee we needed a report to tell us this. Of course there are signs of strength in the industry, but lending is still not happening as it should be and bad loans still weight heavily on the balance sheets. I want a report that tells me how come the private free market banks have paid their TARP loan back with interest and the government run ones have not?


  • The DOT announced that commercial drivers are banned from texting at the wheel. This prohibits trucks and bus drivers from sending text messages on handheld devices while operating commercial vehicles. This ban should be across the board and go for anyone behind a motorized moving vehicle. For example, what about the motorcycle driver moving at 80 mph while he/she is texting?


  • Woman’s groups are urging CBS to pull an ad during the Super Bowl that features Tim Tebow and his mother on her choice not to have Tim when she got sick which critics say is likely to convey an anti-abortion message. I happen to be pro-choice but find it funny that the pro-lifers never have issue with the pro-choice ads but it never works the other way around. Two-way street guys, the Tebow family has a right to tell their story.


  • The CBO projects the federal deficit to hit $1.35 trillion. This as the Senate rejected a plan backed by Obama to create a bipartisan task force to tackle the federal deficit this year despite the glaring new figures showing the enormity of the red-ink threat.


  • Global warming ranks last as a top priority according to a recent PEW survey. Just 28% of the 1,054 adults surveyed consider global warming a big deal. The number has continued to decline the last two years.


  • Retailers will try a new strategy for 2010. Stores will be geared more toward service and the education of consumers about products to generate sales.


  • Obama announced aid for the middle class. Education credits (student loans), home-energy credits, home buyer’s credits, income eligibility limits, new vehicle purchases, and jobless benefits will all be new deductions and rules when you prepare your 2009 tax returns. If you do not know about them and you fall in one of these categories, I suggest you look into this. Not what I would call aid to the middle class but aid for anyone that has one of the following.


  • South Carolina politician Lt. Governor Andre Bauer made a immature statement about welfare calling it “immoral.” At a town hall meeting, Bauer who is running for Governor said “My grandmother told him to stop feeding wild animals because they breed.” He said “Your facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a person ample food supply. They will reproduce, especially ones that don’t think too much further than that.” Referring people on welfare to animals is irresponsible, especially coming from a potential gubernatorial candidate.