The F&C Editorial – January 13th Edition



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Senator Harry Reid says racist remarks about Obama but the black community is okay with it. The black community accepted Harry Reid’s apology the same way they accepted Trend Lott’s. Of course I’m being cynical here, Harry Reid’s comments in my opinion, were far worse than Trent Lott’s but the yet the black community labeled Lott as a racist, but Harry Reid; all is forgiven.


Its politics at its best here, you can’t “label’ it any other way. Democrats serve the black community’s best interest, Republican do not. So you can see why there is no anger or outrage over Reid’s comments by the black community, the media, etc..



Nice to see all those Democratic Senators that thought the Healthcare bill was bad for America cave and vote for the damn thing. Nice to see that bribes don’t happen in Washington. I thought Obama promised transparency, gee I must of missed the bribes session taken by these Senators on C-Span.





  • Congressional earmarks in the spending bills were cut by a third according to Washington. The 2010 federal spending bills disclosed $10.2 billion for pet projects inserted by members of Congress which is a drop of nearly a third since 2008. Gee, that was nice of them. The Democrats tripled the debt but celebrate saving some on earmarks.


  • Senators Chris Dodd (CT) & Byron Dorgan (ND) set to step down after this year. Dodd is 66 and a five term Senator who’s popularity has been falling. Dorgan well he is just plain clueless, so maybe Connecticut and North Dakota will finally smarten up and elect a person who deserves to be there. Hopefully the tow jackass Senators from my home state of New Jersey will call it quits.


  • Sarah Palin is joining Fox News. Palin has inked a multi-year deal with Fox News to serve as a contributor across all Fox News platforms. Smart move by Palin, because now she can fight back all her Liberal media counterparts and reach far more people doing so. Fox’s ratings continue to blow away the competition.


  • It was reported that the economy lost 84,000 jobs in December which was more than expected. But I thought Obama has his jobs summit in December? Guess they all listened. However, the jobs that were shed was the smallest drop since March 2008, but more than expected by economists.


  • The service sector managed to add jobs by 12,000 which was the first increase since March 2008. Businesses with 500 or more employees cut 34,000 jobs, medium-size businesses cut 25,000 workers, and small businesses that employ fewer than 50 workers, cut 25,000 jobs.


  • Staying on the jobs front, job openings dropped as hiring remains low. The competition for job openings is going to be very tight as companies are reluctant to hire. It’s estimated that on average there are 7 unemployed workers for every available job opening. The more we move towards socialism, the more people will be out of work and depending on government handouts. With European style socialism comes European style unemployment.


  • According to a leading scientist, 30 years of Global Cooling are coming our way. Latif, a professor at the Leibniz Institute at Germany’s Kiel University believes the cold snap that America is experiencing is only the beginning and is stating that 30 years of cooler temperatures will be the norm.


This Recession will leave Scars


One day soon, the recession will be history, but people assume that once the recession is over, people go back to work. That doesn’t quite happen and most people don’t get the lasting impacts on displaced workers. Millions of workers who have lost there jobs and hold on the labor market are and will see their incomes go to a potential permanent lower level.


Young people who will enter the workforce for the first time will see and can expect to earn far less during their careers than those who started theirs during the boom.


As states slash spending, some children will lose out on educational opportunities and a chance to attend colleges. Others will be weakened by untreated physical and mental illnesses.


Today, there are 15.4 million workers jobless, more than twice that since December 2007. Some will make unpopular moves to other states away from family or be forced to abandon preferred careers.


We all will feel the marks of this recession as the ballooning U.S debt will cost taxpayers tens of billions of dollars more each year in annual interest payments.


So yes, the marks of this recession will be visible.