At the State of the Union address back in January, Obama said that the government will lead the way to restore the future of America. So I guess Obama doesn’t believe that entrepreneurs have anything to do with America growing again. He believes the government will help rebuild the American spirit.


So entrepreneurs like the founders of Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, Twitter and a host of others had government assistance when they started their companies up? The facts are none of these companies had any help from the government, these companies came from the ideas of entrepreneurs which was possible because of capitalism, the free market. I know Obama and the far left hate that term but thousands of people are employed by the ideas of entrepreneurs which is capitalism and not because of government assistance.


Everyone of these companies are also ran with no government funds or assistance and are thriving. Can’t say the same for these organizations ran by our government:


·        Amtrak

·        The U.S Post Office

·        Public Schools.



All of which are in shambles. Do we want this fate for America? The free market will bring America back. Of course this is something Obama cannot understand nor does he understand which makes him naive.


In fact use to the tax cuts extended by the Republicans, let’s face it, Obama had nothing to do with that, companies are starting to hire again and invest. The far left can’t understand that because they well, don’t understand. Or do they? Let me leave you with this, lets take Michael Moore and George Soros. Both hate capitalism but have seems to make millions off the free market.




The United States of America

William P. Frasca


The United States of America , in the past, was a nation of cowards and wimps, who feared the wrath of the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic Party and the Progressives. Naturally, I am not referring to the brave men, women and civilians presently fighting in our two (2) Wars that are in Afghanistan and Iraq , These Patriots are unselfishly risking their lives, losing their limbs and altering their lifestyles forever mentally, physically and spiritually, affecting not only themselves but their families. On the contrary, God Bless and Protect each one of them always. We owe an extreme debt of gratitude to them and all our veterans, we must never forget, but I am questioning the absurd political correctness being forced upon us by these extremist choking our society and our most valued freedoms of speech. These individuals are like the albatross placed securely around our necks strangling and sucking the life, with heavy ineptness crushing our liberties.


These unwritten laws and regulations imposed upon us, which uses past unrelated indecencies, phantom unsubstantiated guilt and false accusations, joined together by complete nonsense, manipulating, twisting and spinning the masses into silent submission, while they hypocritically stymie and destroy all truth, justice and the Constitution as ;long as it meets with their sick agenda. They use the same attack over and over again, calling all those against them racist, prejudice, cold hearted, insensitive, ruthless, stupid and uncompassionate.


They are trying to re-establish and redefine everything associated with the English language by completely reversing its meaning, placing all non-essential idiot checks, balances, innuendoes, by muffling all those who have the courage to contradict their motives into by labeling them as an enemy to society, forcing them to submit into their own acceptable approval form of political correctness.


These individual are not only attempting to inflict compulsory control over mind, manner and diction, with their liberal rhetoric but also to mute the voices of all expressions of logic, and opinions shackling free speech. They want to virtually outlaw simple words such as “targeting,”  “bulls eye” and “war room”, used simply to describe all  non-violent, peaceful strategies, overtones and associations. These words are not only used to peacefully describe political and non-political strategies, and identified in advertisements, but it is also a well known symbol of a popular department store.


These lists of words, devised by the Liberals that are totally taboo, in their own minds, which absolutely positively makes Senator Joe McCarthy’s scare relating to a Communist takeover of America in the fifties seem like a day in Nursery School. This is definitely a regressive downgrade to our free existence.  Their simplistic logic of minimum intelligence, justifying this outrage by attempting  to stop a reoccurrence in Tuscan Arizona by a mentally ill unmerciful individual who viciously shot, killed and maimed innocence, enhancing this devastation by the unconscionable murder of a (9) nine years old child.


They use absolutely all unproven, unconfirmed, unsupported documentations and bogus allegations by placing total blame on anyone who vocal these terminologies. As though these aggressive words would entice a mentally unhinged deviate to run out, and beg, borrow or steal a gun to commit unthinkable atrocities against mankind.  They ignore the obvious, by denying the noticeable evidence and the instability of the alleged perpetrator, who has a history of being a disturbed sociopath of the extreme magnitude with violent tendencies. This is just another strong arm tactic used by the Progressives in controlling and limiting free speech.


The rhetoric continues with the same loud protest to place additional controls on the “right to bare arms”. This unfortunately limits and takes away the weaponry out of the hands of the law abiding citizens, who would use these tools to go hunting, target practice, or defending and protecting their families, property and self preservation against these violent predators. Unfortunately gun control has no impact on disarming the thief and the murderer, because they will always have the ability to obtain a gun illegally. We have always had the extreme unique knack of going backwards, such as arming the criminal and disarming the lawful citizens.


The government wastefully spends our hard earned tax dollars to defend the rights of the criminal, yet they unconscionably and unsympathetically offer little or no help, solutions, or finances in protecting the victim by abandoning them and leaving them defenseless to their own survival . Does anyone with any common sense acknowledge these ludicrous stupidities are permanently demeaning our society into an environment of savagery, where we reward the assailant and punish the victim? Only in America !


All these mandatory limitations, but our boarders are still being left open without the proper defense and are virtually leaving and abandoning our boarder patrol, wide open in harms way, with no backup or support.. Our Government is allowing our Country to be overthrown and overrun by the rampage overflow of illegal invaders, bringing additional hardships and criminal elements, while milking us dry


We are not permitted to offer any extensions of truths to the United States Congress when ordered to testify before them, but they habitually and constantly lie to us with a straight face when asked about their campaign promises, and future endeavors, in which they have no clue or desire to honor or respect.


Don’t mention, say or write any sacrilegious statements or negative remarks against another person’s race, creed, color or region, as long as your derogatory form of diction describes an American Patriot, White, Conservative, Republican, Christian, Sarah Palin, George W. Bush together with their families are fair game. These extreme insults, as long as if they are associated and limited to these individuals or categories stated are totally acceptable in the Progressive world of double standard and bigotry.


The name of God is forbidden in our public schools and in our public areas, yet we find a decrease in morals, safety and respect, with an increase in, sex, drugs, gangs, violence, which force our educational institutions and common areas into a war zone, establishing a protective world for the deviant, while initiating unacceptable deficiencies in teaching and learning. This must stop; hopefully it’s not too late.


They have the complete arrogance, without good conscience in removing “In God We Trust, from our currency, and abolishing “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance. As long as if it doesn’t offend, and we are totally tolerant to the demands of the non-Christians or the atheist. These are the same individuals imposing these hypocritical rules and regulations that show no dignity by bowing, curtseying and kneeling to dictators of third world renegade nations, whose only claim to fame are extreme violators of human rights, murder, tyranny, threats, ultimatums and intimidations. Life to them has no meaning, it is just another tool for them to use and discarded when finished.


Have the Socialist Marxists Liberal Democrats together with the Progressive have no pride, self esteem, or respect for themselves, God, Family and Country. The list goes on and on, but the power of change lies within each of us, “We the American People”. These antics and powerful divisive words manufactured as a negative device to separate our Nation must be peacefully protested and discontinued as soon as possible, because our freedom of speech has not only been breached but has the potentiality of being eliminated into oblivion.


The Progressives creed is plain and simple “do what I say, but not as I do. Don’t be bullied into submission, continue to voice your opinions, question authority, and don’t be fooled again. Remember we didn’t create nor are guilty of any manufactured past atrocities committed. We were just labeled totally responsible by the socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and must be pay retributions. These retributions came in the form of social programs, entitlements, bailouts and quotas. Discrimination in any form should never be tolerated for any reason, remember two wrongs doesn’t make a right, it just increases animosity, separation, distrust and disunity.


The emergence of the Tea Party, free independent internet, cable television and talk radio has awakened the silent majority, including United States Senators Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ex Governor Sarah Palin, naming a few, who demonstrate new leadership of high courageous caliber and are pillars of strength. They ignited a welcomed and long overdo spark that reinstated our Founding Fathers precious ideology of a Nation “Of, By, and For the People”. Our Constitution must be defended, honored, respected and obeyed without prejudices.