Indiana Senator Evan Bayh announced this week that he will not seek a third term this year. Now before I start, I have always thought of Bayh as a stand up guy. Of course that is my opinion and some will disagree with me on that, but I felt that when Bayh voted for the Health Care bill and stimulus package, that made him unpopular with Indiana voters. Now F&C believes he would have won re-election as he did manage to raise $13 million for his re-election bid, it would have been harder for him to do so.


“Congress is broken”. “The people’s business is not getting done,” Said Bayh and gave two reasons for leaving:


  1. The exploding deficit.

  2. The legislation to create jobs.


Those two points are more damaging for Democrats since they had a super majority in the Senate (before Scott Brown was elected) and in Congress. The Democrates could have passed anything they wanted without resistance. What Even Bayh basically said is what got in and is getting in the way of their agenda is they. This message certainly will not echo well with voters across the country who is already upset with the government.


Point One: Bayh said:

"Two weeks ago, the Senate voted down a bipartisan commission to deal with one of the greatest threats facing our nation: our exploding deficits and debt. The measure would have passed, but seven members who had endorsed the idea instead voted 'no' for short-term political reasons," he said.


Point Two: Bayh said:

"Just last week, a major piece of legislation to create jobs -- the public's top priority -- fell apart amid complaints from both the left and right. All of this and much more has led me to believe that there are better ways to serve my fellow citizens, my beloved state and our nation than continued service in Congress."


I applaud Bayh’s feelings on partisanship, Anyone who has been watching the last year knows this to be true. This message should ring loudly through the next election cycle.




  • USAToday put out an article that stated most Americans are downbeat about America today but are optimistic about the future. The article is a good one, but I have to say I bet you would find many Americans that are upbeat for the future. Our confidence might be low now, but America always comes back so there is reason to be optimistic. Now that being said, America’s chances are much better if we get the fool out running the country. America’s optimism can start with November and get rid of the dead weight in Washington.


  • Obama’s economic report recently stated that job growth this year would be “Stagnant.” The Obama Administration has predicted that job gains would average 95,000 below the private blue chip forecasts of 116,000 per month.


  • Now yesterday the Fed stated that unemployment is going to stay high for the next two years in modest recovery. Americans will remain cautious making a recovery slow. Not good news for the incumbents in Washington who are up for re-election this year. I certainly do not expect 95,000 jobs to be created a month in the private sector, now in the government maybe.


  • Sarah Palin lashed out at the comedy show “The Family Guy” as the show made fun of Sara’s son Trig who has Down Syndrome. The show had a character that was Palin’s kid being Handicapped. Basically saying the kid is a handicap because of her mother. It was a cheap shot and totally heartless by the creator of the show, it’s certainly not creative and makes the creator a coward. Kids are innocent and should be left out of the personal attacks over political beliefs.


  • A recent poll found that 63% believe the tea party movement is real and is a threat to Congress. Just 19% believing it’s real but not effective.




The Tea Party

(Written by William Frasca)


The Tea Party has developed itself into a viable voice to the Conservative movement. Their first National Convention in the Great State of Tennessee proves one thing, that it’s not a temporary fly-by night organization, with limited meaningless voices of protest.  This is one thing we should thank our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” and the Socialistic Democratic Marxist Party for awakening of the sleeping giant and lion of the silent moral conservative majority.


Usually as in the past, politicians on both sides of the aisle have relied on how quickly these types’ organizations have peeked in their development and then rapidly dismantling, self destructing, and falling from grace, allowing themselves to be pushed aside with no permanent influences or power in changing the regressive status quo. They always fizzled out leaving an elated fraudulent, corrupt, despicable multi level form of government.


The Socialist Marxist Democrats have no tolerance towards the average Conservative American, and the Republican Party has definitely lost touch. The Conservative and Independent voices of protest in the past were always stymied and ridiculed by the liberals and left, hung out to dry, by the spineless Republicans. There’s obviously strength in numbers with the Tea Party used as a tool, to organize a legitimate protest, of taxpayers’ grievances, which helped in producing election successes in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts. These soldiers of liberty projected the true meaning of change, “we can believe in”, that were fed-up with the counter productive governmental interferences and force compliance with no competent representation.


The Presidency and the Congress have been living in this fantasy world of unlimited, unanswerable authority for so long, that they truly believe that each and every American citizen has absolutely no alternative but to buckle under and submit to their irrational, unsound, inept rules, regulations and laws enacted by these egotistical governmental bureaucrats.


We must alter this present form of selfish, people controlling, liberty robbing Government that only answers to themselves and to their selected Parties. They are so wrapped up in their own self importance. The taxpayers and law abiding, natural born and legal residence of this great Country finally woke up to the fact that these elected officials absolutely, positively work for us, the American people.


This pressure group, is definitely keeping all of the unscrupulous, on their toes and totally scared out of their wits. Virginia, New Jersey and especially the most liberal Democratic State in the Union Massachusetts, gave the Socialist Marxist Democrats a cold wet slap in the face, which hopefully, but I have my doubts, to intellectually listen to the will of the people. Did you ever see a Liberal Democrat actually have the good sense to realize they were wrong and admit it? Their egos and stubbornness always stands in the way of logic. A mindless zombie just follows, never leads efficiently, effectively, productively, or profitably.



The idea of the Tea Party as having no self proclaimed or elected leaders within their group is a refreshing thought to any movement. Typically the most frequent enemy to any grass roots, people initiative movement is personalities; creating a civil war within the group. This same infection is obviously and presently destroying our government today, and must be totally eliminated within the Tea Party.


Third Party is also not the answer, for example the failed lessons of Ross Perot and the 1992 Reform Party, better known as the “Sour Grapes Party”, which helped ruin the chances of President George H. Bush’s re-election bid. This was an essential ingredient that catapulted and elected Progressive Bill Clinton, to the Presidency. Perot’s third Party debacle showed no real strength, credence or power after their debut in this election.


Even though I feel strongly for additional well rounded refreshing candidates, who are not associated or loyal to either main two parties, but fully devoted with complete trustworthiness towards the Constitution, the will of the American people and their constituents. Unfortunately, right now we are stuck between a rock and a hard place, with our main objective is to bring our government back to the people, and that is restoring our pertinent valuable checks and balances system. If they could possibly aid in achieving this goal, then they must continue with their current aggressiveness and philosophies.


Ex-Governor of Alaska and Vice-Presidential Republican candidate Sarah Palin has given and offered further creditability and legitimacy to the Tea Party. Her sincere speech, which stuck to the honest, truthful facts and issues, with valid sound criticisms, concerning Obama’s questionable Socialistic ideologies and procedures was very passionate in her presentation and delivery.


She didn’t use a teleprompter; she spoke from the heart using acceptable, old fashion methods to enhance her memory on certain important issues. Her question and answer period afterwards proved her intellectual approach in correcting America’s present day problems, while undermining the habitual cynical, unwarranted Socialist Democratic Liberal syndrome of constantly “Blaming Bush”.  At what point is our Teflon President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” and his Administration responsible for their own foolish reckless policies, actions and judgments.


She also bought out an outstanding courageous act of loyalty, sensitivity, love, patriotism and gratitude towards America, the American people, all military personnel past and present, while endorsing the Tea Party’s goals and objectives. She even eliminated any and all controversy, surrounding her appearance, by announcing that any speaking fee offered, would be given back, to them, in supporting the cause.


This woman not only frightens the Socialistic Marxist Democrats out of their liberal skin, but she also has an unbelievable amount of class and sincere passions towards America, the people, including all her moral values and beliefs. She not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.