So the liberal media is spinning the White House crashers story by saying the two party crashers are selfish. What the media is ignoring is the breech of security and trying to take the focus off the embarrassment to Obama. If this happened when Bush was in office, the media would be all over the breech of security.


Here’s the deal. The real story is the breech of security and how the secret service dropped the ball on this one. Now if these two were terrorist or nut cases and harm came to the President, there would have been a major issue moving forward.


Regardless who the President is, no one that shouldn’t be there should ever get to the President like these two did. This shows how vulnerable we still are here in the U.S and that even the President isn’t 100% protected. Now there are stories coming out that these two did have an invitation which seems fishy to me that it comes out several days later, but this is an embarrassment to the secret service.


Here’s another side to ponder. As long as they didn't lie about who they were to the secret service, what are they really going be charged with? Prosecute for what?

If I showed up at the door to the White House, gave my real name, and said "I'm here to go to the dinner." and nobody asked me if I was invited or not....then opened the door and let me in...there is no trespassing.




§         U.S. stocks declined moderately on Monday (11/30) as weak data on holiday retail sales prompted questions about the consumer's ability to spend. But early gains on Wall Street prompted the market to rebound the next day. Ups and downs will be the story of the stock market.



§         The Institute for Supply Management-Chicago business barometer showed that business activity in the U.S. Midwest expanded more than expected in November, reaching its highest level in over a year as new orders jumped.



§         Fox News is reporting that the President is expected to announce he's committing around 30,000 new troops to Afghanistan, but will set limits on U.S. involvement in terms of duration, manpower and money.


§         WSJ.Com is reporting that highway-construction companies around the country, who have completed mostly small projects paid for by the federal economic-stimulus package, are starting to see their business run aground, which is a sign the stimulus, is fading fast.


§         A study finds many unemployed workers are working two part-time jobs to keep up. Many people who had full-time jobs with benefits are now working two jobs which experts call underemployment and could actually be slowing the economic recovery.



Global Warming Scandal


Seems you cannot trust the global warming scientists anymore, the latest news came this past weekend in the Sunday Times of London that scientists at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit in the U.K confessed to throwing out most of the raw temperature data on which the theory of global warming is founded.


These scientists even admitted of dumping the data. Also confessions of scientists even e-mailing other scientists threatening them and their family who were against the theory of global warming.


Hackers uncovered a string of e-mails between leading global warming advocates which expressed concerns that the temperature figures from the last decade simply did not demonstrate that global warming was continuing or even happening as theorized.


Of course this makes sense; see there is a lot of money at stake for advocacy groups pushing this global warming hoax. If the public got wind of this hoax this would cost them money from political figures that will pass laws. If these laws and grants aren’t passed, these scientists will have to get jobs flipping burgers.