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It seems the Democrats are pulling their support for Obama in general now that Obama’s job approval rating has dipped under 50%. This isn’t a surprise; in fact F&C predicted that would happen.


Overall, any President in which his ratings drop below 50%, usually you see that party distance themselves from him especially in an election year. Republicans distance themselves from Bush when his numbers went south which ended up hurting the incumbents anyway in the mid-term elections.


Democrats know this to be true so I wouldn’t be surprised to see more distance if Obama’s numbers continue to head south in overall job approval and in healthcare (61% oppose Obama-care)


The goal of all politicians is to get re-elected, that’s when the American public means more to them than their special interest, if they cannot ride the wave of a popular President to get re-elected; they will abandon him.





  • Retail sales and business inventories rose more than expected in November. Businesses unexpectedly increased their inventories in October, boosting hopes the fragile economic recovery will get support from the critical consumer sector and as businesses start to restock their depleted shelves.


  • Citigroup plans to repay $20 billion in bailout money in an effort to reduce the government influence over the banking giant. The government will also sell its stake in the company.


  • The house passed a major Wall Street regulation last week. Sweeping overall was passed that would govern Wall Street and reconfigure the power of the agencies overseeing the nation’s banking system. The vote was 223-202. These new powers would give the federal government the right to break up big risky companies. It also would create a consumer agency to police meltdowns.


  • The EPA stated that greenhouse gases are endangering human health. The EPA said that the scientific evidence surrounding climate change clearly shows that greenhouse gases “Threaten the public health and welfare of the American people” and that pollutants mainly carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels should be regulated under the Clean Air Act. Just one question for the EPA, Water vapor is a major greenhouse gas contributor, so why hasn’t H2O been declared a pollutant?


  • Bill O’Reilly lashed out at NBC’s “Law & Order” executive producer over an episode about illegal immigration that aired last week in which Law & Order actor John Larroquette stated that Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Beck, and others are like a cancer spreading ignorance and hate.  Hmm, NBC=Far Left=GE=Obama=Payoff=Lies= you get the picture. NBC’s rating continue to plummet which is no shock here.



About “Jobs First” Obama


If Obama wants to do something about the economy and unemployment then here are a few things he can do;


1.      Reduce spending

2.      Immediate payroll tax relief

3.      Incentives for small business investment

4.      Abolish taxes and capital gains


These are what business owners and corporate CEO’s have stated that need to be done in order to create jobs. Did Obama listen? Well considering that the majority of people at his jobs summit were union bosses, I doubt he heard this information from them so I doubt anything got done but a nice PR picture for Obama’s scrapbook.


However, I do believe that energy will be key in creating jobs. An energy plan (other than the one Pelosi wants) will create jobs if you keep that plan in America. Developing more American energy while protecting the environment would mean the creation of millions of new jobs and the generation of billions of dollars in new federal tax revenue, largely without the need for any federal spending and Cap and Trade.