This was supposed to be the summer of recovery as V.P Joe Biden claimed it would be.


But the July jobs numbers were dismal and the number of planned layoffs at U.S firms rose 6%, marking the third straight month of increased layoffs. So how could Joe Biden state this will be the summer of recovery when job losses have increased every month since falling in April?



I love the liberal media’s spin when MSNBC stated the increases in job losses were ever so slight and monthly total were very low compared to recent years.

Like okay everything is fine now. Even the great one, Obama is arrogantly stating well at least unemployment isn’t at 15%.


Hmm tell that to the person trying to find a job or just lost theirs. You can’t trust what the liberal media is telling you, they try to put a spin on everything that happens under this administration, they would tell you that the titanic sunk, but the good news is it’s not taking on anymore water.


So where is this recovery our fine President speaks of? There has been no recovery. 1.6 trillion dollars spent and we got little to no traction. We still have near 10% unemployment and fading inventories from manufacturing. This all means the economy now is largely dependant on how much people are willing to spend on finished goods. Consumer confidence? Don’t bet on it.


People haven’t been spending and inventories were not being replenished for over 2 years. Eventually they did deplete over time, so manufacturing companies had to start producing at some point, but the demand still isn’t there and manufacturing isn’t happening. Obama has no plan to fix the economy. Why? Well read the next passage to find out why.




Ever had a job? There is a nice piece going around the internet and it states that the percentage of past presidents and their cabinet appointees that had previously worked in the private sector amounted from 35% to 60%, real life business experience, not a government jobs.

Barrack Obama only has 8% and 1 in 12 in his administration has ever held a job in the private sector. So with that in mind, people voted in 2008 the economy was the #1 topic on their minds, yet they voted in a guy who has only 8% experience.

This is the guy you pinned your hopes and dreams on, stating the economy was a serious concern but you hire a person with no experience in the job market.

That’s like hiring me as a heart surgeon just because I read a book on it. You see what the net results are from your decision. Obama wouldn’t get hired in the private sector with only 8% experience, but you voted him in as President. Obama is holding job summits, telling businesses how they should run their operations but has not experience in actually running a business himself. Hmmmm.


The huge foreclosures will continue to drag down the housing market as well as the economy. Without effective means to stop the housing market from further declining, US will be in worse shape than Europe. The housing market is the key for economic recovery and consumer spending. Without any exception, a poor housing market will drag down the economy and employment.




July’s dismal jobs report poses a dangerous dilemma for the country. The government has exhausted traditional measures to get the economy growing having already cut interest rates to near zero and committed to more than $800 billion in fiscal stimulus. Yet still no recovery. The fed will now throw up a “Hail Mary” pass to see if the economy reacts.


It's undeniable that "Bernanke is a LIAR.' It's also undeniable that he's a well educated economist of high intelligence who should and does know better, but he's also a wimp who refuses to do his job and that's just the way Obama and his gang of liars wants it.

Isn't it curious that, in the wake of such an attempt by the Obama gang to blame bush for everything, our "dear leader" nominated Bernanke for yet another term as chairman of the Fed? Why? The reason is that Obama,  knew they could attempt to benefit by touting Bernanke's admittedly stellar academic credentials while, at the same time, control him sufficiently to cause him to do whatever Obama wanted.

After everything they've done and not done, I'm at a loss to understand why anyone would believe anything Bernanke and/or anyone in the current administration would say?




The Acting Awards

William P. Frasca


The acting awards came twice this year, once at the regularly scheduled time and the other recently, with our President Barrack Hussein Obama, “the chosen one” receiving the best actor award as a confused world figure in a political setting, who extends the truth, with sincere drama. His elaborate rhetoric relating to his constantly confusing and changeable information on his endorsed health bill has all the makings of a political demigod.  His conceited enhanced characteristic of self love and self importance increases his doubt to lead, and truthfulness with the American people.



The Liberal Socialist Democrats, together with the bought and sold main stream media wants to publicize and magnify his deceitful unique uncanny fabrication of converting frightening forced reality into a cushy shelter, in a well protected environment of secure fantasy. This maneuver might have had a successful outcome during and shortly after his Inauguration, when he was worshiped and anointed by some as royalty.


These uninformed, misguided individuals with unprecedented admiration actually believed he was going to be America ’s savior and messiah. If this wasn’t so sad, that people could place themselves in such a humbling, humiliating and vulnerable position, as to deem him as majesty by obeying all, questioning nothing and mindlessly with complete willingness follow as sheep to the slaughterhouse, would be laughable.



Now, the Socialist Democrats accuse all that are suspicious, disbelieving and unconvinced of these potentially forced radical changes, as Gospel Truth, and cure all of all our financial debacles, in which they escalated, and obviously have no solutions. They constantly bring up statistics of the past and claim if we stay on their course, America will prosper. This only proves that bragging on hot air only makes the room hot.


These are definite signs of a Party losing a grip, by having to grasp at anything to save their ineffectual, incompetent Socialist agenda. Fact is the economy and unemployment is getting worse, with the possible formation of increasing soup kitchens and bread lines as a sad reality. Most Americans can see right through their brick wall of lies, some unfortunately still believe in the tooth fairy.


This forced them to develop a new approach by reversing their plan of action, by fabricating their intentions of possibly extending the Bush Tax Credits, offering incentives to expand small businesses, and decrease unemployment. This is just another trick to take our minds off their inept Social programs of financial disgrace.  Our President Barack Hussein Obama, “the chosen one” was never a bashful child in using his bought and sold media, to advance his stuck up smug vanity; this was a daily standard operational procedure.



So to sell his rapidly declining unfavorable budgetary hogwash to the good citizens of America , he waved his mighty scepter at his loyal, incompetent, inept, unbalanced, subjects of the press and appeared on all the major networks, even “The View”, washing his hands, and announcing himself as blameless. His banishment, punishment and despicable ignorance of Fox News, reiterated by Joy Behar, as his willing media idiot, showed his true colors and contempt towards their viewers. The symbolic gesture of unspeakable blatant lack of acknowledgement towards an objectionable group, who are only guilty of watching their favorite, informational television news station, is indisputable proof that their backing, support and approval aren’t necessary to sustain his final decision or analysis. Remember Mr. President you are the President of all the people, not just a selected few of you own choosing.



His well rehearsed talented theater like performance of distorting the facts were beyond any Shakespearian role. He tried to dazzle the public by claiming his undisputed competence and knowledge, with his personal guarantee and assurance that there is nothing to fear and all doubts and uncertainties pertaining to adversity are completely unfounded.


Unfortunately, for Mr. Obama, his results were the complete opposite of what he wanted to achieve. His approval ratings decreased to a record low. He enhanced distrust, misbelieve, skepticism, and reservations concerning this incontestable undesirable venture by providing a clueless suspicious structure of mysterious repetition. He repeated the memorized statements of administered limited information with babbling consistency. The manipulated camouflaged words of deceit disguised the hypocrisy of the plan and potential failures. Our President Barack Hussein Obama, “the chosen one” is like a chameleon that has the ability to change his appearance, when necessary, hiding his true colors. Don’t be fooled America , there’s more to come!