Recently, Steny Hoyer (D) said that any disagreements in Washington are to be debated in a true democracy. How did anyone in the room keep from laughing out loud? The irony of that statement made a day after ramming through a $2.3 trillion piece of garbage (The HC Law) that 65% of us didn’t want, was obviously lost on him.


By the way, watch for this to become the Left’s rallying cry for reviving the Fairness Doctrine. They will argue that talk radio incited the random violence. And next time you’re with one of the Democrats, ask them to tell the country about the threats they got from the nuts on the Left telling them they’d better vote FOR the bill, or else. Or ask Rep. Bunning about the threats he got when he dared stand up and ask Congress to adhere to its own PayGo ruling.


Always question the motives of those who speak in public. Always watch what the other hand is doing. Especially with this Administration, they are masters at using one hand to give cover to the other.


This is clearly a tactic being used to tar and silence the opposition. They have no proof that any of the accusations they’ve made were done either intentionally or by the people they are trying to smear. As a case in point, the media has been repeating the accusation that a coffin was left near a politician’s home as a form of intimidation. This is a lie. And where is the proof that someone spit and made racial remarks to a black law maker? We know about their use of Alinsky tactics and it seems it is very useful when their back is on the ropes.




The Obama Administration was “Gitty” when the jobs report was release last Friday. The report showed 164,000 jobs were added yet the unemployment number remained at 9.7. Should the government being jumping up and down? Not really. Let’s look at the situation and numbers:


Of the 164,000 jobs created:


  1. 48,000 were government census jobs

  2. 40,000 temp jobs

  3. 10,000 part-time jobs

  4. 66,000 private sector jobs


Now with a recorded 11 million people collecting unemployment does 66,000 private sector jobs make you want throw a party? The reality is 250,000 private sector jobs need to be added each month in order to reduce the unemployment number. Although some CEO’s said they plan to hire out of necessity, others still plan to reduce their workforce this year.


Still, we are seeing a recovery in the economy, increasing GDP, but a job market that is not following. Two reasons: 1. The stock market which is over valued in my opinion, CEO’s have seen their companies stock hold its own and equate that to a cost cutting strategy. 2. Regulatory policy like the new HC law and a host of others that might weight on companies bottom line.


Corporations are not planning to add costs without knowing what other costs they are going to get hit with. Another reason people should ask is this the right time to be doing tax increases to the middle class and corporations with a high unemployment number.






  • Fed chief Ben Bernake said the U.S must address and prepare for challenges posed by an aging population with a creditable plan to gradually reduce the soaring public debt. Health spending is going to increase over the long term as the U.S population gets older and will add to eh country’s already strained finances.


  • A recent USAToday/Gallup poll shows more of the American population Is blaming Obama for the poor economy and unemployment. Dems can only ride the “Blame Bush” strategy for so long.


  • Tim Geithner stated last week that the jobless rate is going to remain “Unacceptably High” for a long time. More than 11 million people are drawing unemployment insurance benefits.


  • The Obama administration will remove religious terms such as “Islamic extremism” for the central document outlining the U.S. National Security Strategy in hopes that the U.S can change how we talk to Muslim nations. If you keep letting down your guard, eventually it will bite you in the ass.


  • Special interest spending on Capital Hill broke records in 2009, topping $3.47 billion. And almost half of the President’s recess appointments were tied to or work for so-called special interest. So while companies are slashing jobs and scaling back, they are boosting their operations when it comes to trying to influence lawmakers.



Unethical Vote

(William P Frasca)


The ruthless, deceitful, devious, unprincipled surroundings centering on the questionable unethical vote which approved Obamacare, brought to light some very interesting facts.  The Country is definitely divided between the Liberal Socialist Marxist Democrats, the so-called middle of the road blue dog Democrats, the Independents, the Libertarians, the Conservatives and the Republicans, with the American people stuck in the middle. The anti-Obamacare majority of individuals that protested with loud voices wanted the bill scrapped. Unfortunately, the Liberal Socialist Marxist Democratic controlled leadership and Party members sharpened their nails of self serving conceit and arrogance; scratching and shredding the wishes and will of the people into total oblivion. The people wanted a non-partisan bill, filled with the best and brightest both parties had to offer. Instead they were hit over the head by a freedom mugging dictatorship, of one sided dominate politics.


The most fantastic and ultimate realization to this whole unconstitutional social regression of medical atrocity was the complete undivided reaction of solid unity that was displayed by the unrelenting Constitutional and Capitalistic beliefs of the untouchable Republican Party. This was a remarkable feat of combining each member, consisting of different personalities, egos  and regions of the Country, jointly unified in the same cause, fighting together to protect and defend the United States Constitution and each Americans’ unalienable rights, freedoms and liberties. They should be commended, praised and honored for their patriotic intentions and unselfish actions. This was a big turnaround since they held the majority under President George W. Bush, when they acted more like cowardice Socialists.


Even with the entire arm twisting process, consisting of bullying, corruption, bribes, payoffs and buyouts initiated by our President, Barack Hussein Obama, The Chosen One and Nancy Pelosi, “The Incompetent One”, together with their mindless politically appointed disgraceful Communist zombies of tin soldiers with minimum scruples. The Right solidly stood their ground with a unanimous rejection, of the unread, unknown bill, which might possibly become a social selection of murderous, destructive course, eliminating essential services of our healthcare system, which is presently the best in the world. Forcing Americans to purchase a product is unconstitutional. This is evident with numerous States, presently, already filing suit against this bill, with the possibility of more to follow?


Not one Republican became a Benedict Arnold or Judas, as did most of the Socialist Marxist Democrats sitting on the other side of the aisle. These rodents disgraced themselves, lost their self respect, word and honor, humiliated their district, ignoring their constituents, by becoming maggots of reprehensible shame. They were sadly, simply and cheaply bought and sold for their own selfish personal 30 pieces of sliver.  Not one Republican broke ranks; fell into Obama’s dangling carrot trance, of Chicago style politics.


Naturally, this was essentially downplayed by the Obama Broadcasting System, because it showed that the process was tainted with massive fraud and sleaze. No one actually knew what was in the bill. In fact Nancy Pelosi, The Incompetent One, actually made one very stupid remark, when she said, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”. What a moron, this is the Speaker of the House of Representatives. This incoherent statement would naturally bring some reasonable doubt, to any intelligent human being, into an atmosphere of adversity, with a potentially harmful negative reaction, of unknown glitches, concerning our healthcare. This would obviously affect all our lives, health and well being.  Let’s also applaud the 34 Democrats, who broke ranks and voted against Obamacare, refusing to be threatened. They respected their principles; the Constitution and the American people. They are a spark of decency in a renegade, immoral, unchained Party, controlled by unanswerable anarchy.


The Socialist Democrats branded themselves as easily intimidated targets that are ready, willing and able to sell their souls to the highest bidder. One individual who could have became a hero, instead of a goat, was Bart Stupak first Congressional district in Great State of Michigan. He developed a small coalition dedicated to protecting, “ the right to life movement”, by announcing that they would not vote for the bill unless there was a provision that stated and insisted no federal money would be used or authorized to pay for abortions.


Princess Nancy Pelosi, the Incompetent One” refused to acknowledge his request because, it would have offended the pro-choice votes, losing their support, which would create a bigger problem in passing the bill. She, with all of her vanity and selfishness, relating to her Party’s philosophies, acted as if they didn’t need the “Stupak Gang”. This was a clever bluff to any and all individuals who are unarmed in the art of intimidation.


Low and behold, at the eleventh hour a miracle happen to Obama. He saw the light, or in other words, he didn’t have enough votes, so he somewhat yielded their position, and promised  this crucial group, an executive bone, of trickery, by issuing them a cunning, meaningless executive order, in his own deceitful words on no federal abortion funding.


This executive order, unfortunately for Representative Stupak this wasn’t worth the paper it was written on, but it made him fold like a cheap suit, dragging his followers down with him. It was enough to sway the deciding votes into the affirmative, just enough to pass, by the skin of Obama and Pelosi’s teeth. There really is no honor among thieves.


What a trusting naive scared spineless mouse of little strength and courage? He was asked on numerous interviews if he was going to change his vote, his answer was always no, unless his amendment on no federal abortion funding was integrated into the health bill. In fact, he was so quite adamant with his principles that he was scheduled to be honored by the Defenders of Life Award, at the annual Susan B. Anthony List, Campaign for Life, of the for his efforts on trying to toughen up federal abortion funding restrictions. He was immediately stripped and denied, this honor because of his humiliating unethical sellout.”  



These disgraceful acts of non-transparency and bribery has finally pulled the mask on their hidden deceiving faces, revealing a government filled with Socialism, Communism, Nazism and Fascism, exposing their vile hideous reflections  of total domination. The enemy is now realized, identified and out in the open with no make-up. They finally removed their sheep’s clothing revealing the fox. This form of liberty mugging must be defeated, we must never give up, they might have won the battle, but America, the people and the Constitution will definitely and ultimately triumphant in the end. Contrary to their tactics, we will use any and all legal means, to win, at our disposal.