Obama was at Copper Union College in NYC selling his vision for Wall Street reform, saying that the financial industry has too often forgotten the ordinary Americans who have suffered from its reckless irresponsibility.


“A free market was never meant to be a free license to take whatever you can get, however you can get it. “ Obama stated and added, “That’s what happened too often in the years leading up to this crisis. Some but not all on Wall Street forgot that behind every dollar traded or leveraged there’s a family looking to buy a house, or pay for an education, open a business, save for retirement. What happens on Wall Street has real consequences across the country, across our economy.”


Maybe Obama should listen to the words he spoke and apply them to his irresponsible spending habits and that of Congress.


Do you really want to reform Wall Street?

Most of the economic problems facing the United States today have their roots in the bad policies and legislation created by the U.S. government.

So if you want to reform Wall Street, you must first dig out the root of the problem, you must reform D.C.

Step One: Enact term limits to get the corrupt politicians out of office.

Step Two: Repeal the 16th amendment and phase out the federal income tax. A portion of the revenue from the federal income tax would be replaced by revenue from each state based upon their representation in Congress. This would restore the original design of the Founding Fathers.

Step Three: Repeal the 17th amendment.

Step Four: Pass a balanced budget amendment.

Step Five: Place all programs on the books including entitlements.

Step Six: Phase out entitlement programs.

Step Seven: Return to the Gold standard.

This is just a start.

Obama is not about fairness or improving the lot of the average working American. (I wish it was). Obama is about Obama and amassing more power to Obama. His bill will move America yet another step closer to Obama totalitarianism.  

When will Washington take some responsibility for this mess? Never?



Display of Cruelty

William Frasca


On Friday, April 9, 2010, in the City of New Orleans, there was an awful display of cruelty concerning a young couple, who was savagely beaten. Their only guilt was exercising their American right to attend a political Republican fundraising event. These victims were also members of the Republican Party. The young lady, who is associated with Louisiana’s Governor, Bobby Jindal was identified as Allee Bautsch and her companion Joe Brown.


It was reported that the attack occurred, while the couple was leaving Brennan’s Restaurant. They were approached by a group of unknown, unrelated aggressors, while they were walking through the narrow dark streets of the French Quarter. They were pounded and unmercifully punched, kicked and stomped on repeatedly without any remorse or conscience.  These poor victims gave absolutely no provocations, to be administered this unwarranted, malicious, hideous act of violence, with extreme inhuman, magnitude. 


Is this what our beloved Country has been infected with, uncompassionate heathens, filled with brutal animalistic tendencies of being uncivilized sociopaths? What ever happened to the land of the free and home of the brave? Well our liberties are slowly but surely being absorbed by our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”, and his Administration, while the cowards are running wild in our government and in our streets. Compassion and help thy neighbor has been replaced with unsympathetic barbarianism that has all the kindness and consideration as being compare to feeding time at the zoo.


This is an abomination, which must be corrected immediately, without any hesitation. Law enforcement must be assisted in any way possible to apprehend these and any other violators that use the same insensitive motivations, bringing them swiftly to justice and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


This shouldn’t be branded or labeled into a political spin of creating this despicable hostile act of savagery into an isolated case of Party indifferences. On the contrary, this was a blatant criminal act against America and humanity.


The antagonistic situations we find ourselves are relatively using and following “the survival of the fittest” theory. Literally speaking, the stronger food chain eats the weaker. We are unfortunately experiencing the negative high point of the pendulum that enhances all vicious unreceptive forms of malevolent intent.


What happened to this innocent young couple is an unfortunate reality that has all the potentiality of occurring to anyone. No one is safe. Should we, as a free society, condone this behavior, by simply accepting this as just being “life in America”, or express our loud unrelenting outrage against this abomination. Must we all carry weapons, hire bodyguards, wear bullet proof vests and are driven to and from our destinations and functions in an armored car protecting ourselves from these increasing cretins of social fungus and decay? 


Why did the main stream liberal media deliberately eliminate this story and unjustifiably kept it on the back burner? Why was this travesty only announced through the internet and conservative cable television and radio networks? The major news stations with all their wisdom, have determined this wasn’t news. Why, because the beat down was administered to two individuals of the Conservative Republican Party? What comes to mind is a quote from a play, written by William Shakespeare, called, “The Merchant of Venice”, which stated, “If you prick us do we not bleed, if you tickle us do we not laugh”. Obviously they do bleed, because the young lady, Allee Bautsch, had her leg broken in (5) five places, and the young man Joe Brown had his jaw and nose broken.


Isn’t this news or news worthy event? Not wanting to make this political, because this grievous act of violence shouldn’t be inflicted on anyone, but one could only surmise if this did happened to a so-called minority, illegal alien or a Liberal Democrat, would this same situation be repressed or swept under the carpet?


This lack of information was also totally unfair to the public, who had and deserved the right to be warned of these extreme unstable rat pack groups. Who are ready, willing and able to sadistically inhibit our civil rights, without any ethics, scruples or principles, whose sole purpose is to forcefully impose bodily harm or even the possibility of death to their prey?


The news outlets are guaranteed, by the first Amendment of the United States Constitution, Freedom of the Press, but having this valuable right doesn’t entitle them to be irresponsible, or gives them an exclusive courtesy of extending themselves into a fabricated prejudicial state of   discriminatory informational selections. Their main responsibility is to repot the news, fair, just and unbiased, without any special interests, influences, or control. This unfortunately, for the most part, is not the liberal Press’ creed. This endorsed inconsistency has diminished whatever respect and decency they had left to their profession.


Some might say why we must fervently protest this particular contemptible occurrence with such enormous indignation. Ferocious events of this caliber, which are revolting, nasty, cruel, and wicked, are happening throughout America, every day, hour, minute and second. What makes this so special, because enough is enough?


We have no option, but to stand tall, united in solidarity, because this could happen to anyone, anytime, anyplace. We as citizens of the United States of America must never live in fear, especially for standing up for our beliefs and convictions. The final results would be anarchy, mayhem and chaos, which is no better then the vile, loathsome, dreadful acts committed by the Nazi (Brown Shirts) and the Fascists (Black Shirts), during their cruel rise to power? What would be next, getting forcefully dragged out of your home in the middle of the night by these thugs and never be heard from again?


Spread the news; don’t keep this silenced or locked away, into a mute dungeon of obstructed liberal oblivion. Don’t be afraid, write letters and articles, use the internet, telephone, fax, e-mail, text message. Utilize any and all non-violent tools and powers of communicational persuasion at our disposal. Send it to all, our elected officials, news media, law enforcement, any individual, or organization, family and friends necessary, to stop these uncivilized acts of spiteful hatred and hostility, which reduces and diminishes any American, their Civil Rights and Personal Protections. Think about it, but please, don’t take too long, because our lives, freedoms and the future of America will ultimately depend upon it!