Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed there are many rewards, if you disgrace yourself you can always write a book.  Ronald Reagan



Get ready for a war. What do I mean? The war that will be waged on your wallet. Taxes are coming at the federal, state and local level. Obama will most likely enact the national sales tax which he will call a value added tax. This is why he is going around warning of the dangers of having a high deficit. Unfortunately, unlike the Fair Tax proposal, this would be in addition to all of the taxes we already have; not in place of them. A national sales tax would drive up retail prices for consumers, have a devastating effect on the all sectors of the economy, and create excessive administrative burdens for retailers.  With high unemployment and personal wealth declining, this is not a time to even consider this.


Since Obama became President, personal wealth has fallen 3%. That wasn’t suppose to happen under a President who claimed he was cutting taxes to the middle class.


Washington is broke, so are the states. States like New York, New Jersey and California are bleeding. The fears are these states will try to do anything they can to raise money. Tickets, ordinances, etc.. all aimed at your wallet. Many are in denial, but the truth be told, the U.S is in big trouble financially.


So get ready, because it’s coming; higher taxes for all.





  • Obama stated the risks of a nuclear attack have risen not from an enemy nation but from terrorists. He also has that in such an event, the federal government would not be able to respond right away. So if this was a Republican stating this, the media and the left would say they are spreading fear. So what’s Obama doing? Its all part to get people on board with his nuclear policy which a large portion of the U.S does not support. Sure, let’s trust the Russians.


  • The White House, Congress, budget experts and typical Americans are growing anxious about the nation’s mounting debt, which is helping to fuel the rise of anti-tax, anti-government Tea Party movement.  A movement that will grow bigger. Even if the group isn’t that organized, the number of people flocking to this group are mounting.



  • Under Obama’s budget plan, estimates have it that the U.S debt in 2020 would be nearly the size of the entire economy then. Interest costs would be $900 billion or five times today’s level.



  • Foreclosure rates surged to its biggest level in five years. A number of U.S. homes were lost to foreclosure which is a sign that banks are starting to wade through the backlog of troubled home loans at a faster pace.




The House of Representatives

William P. Frasca


The resent and continued verbal threats, malicious vandalism, with projective and potential violent anger administered against certain members of the House of Representatives, on their stance, regarding the disastrous Obamacare, healthcare bill and other high profile conflicting  legislations,  were most definitely reprehensible. No one major Party whether they are the Democratic Majority or the Republican Minority Party had an exclusive claim to these aggressive terrorizations.


No one living in this great Country of the United States of America should be afraid or subjected to any high level pressure, fear or ultimatums in expressing or voting their conscience or beliefs, which is guaranteed freedom by our Constitution. Any coercive aggressions relating to mental, physical or spiritual forms of harassments in any capacity, to anyone, public or private, must not be tolerated.


Why are there always an outrageous outcry of protest, and sympathy from the main stream liberal media, with their constant broadcasting of appalling sequence of events when it happens only to their Socialist Marxist Democratic puppet masters, who used them like a cheap rug to transmit sympathy, apprehension and fear to the general public for understanding and compassion? They’re obviously using these negative events into skeptical political maneuvers, attempting to reverse the winds of definite defeat at the hands of the Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party members by claiming that they are inciting these crazed lunatics into these violent tendencies.


This of course is totally absurd! The Socialist Marxist Democrats are following the old battle strategy, which states that the best defense is a strong offense, but they’re forgetting one important malfunction to their plan. They’re conveniently eliminating the fact that the Republicans are experiencing the same harassment by these unrelated hooligans.


The Liberals would throw anyone under the bus or to use any and all means at their disposal legitimate or not, truthful or not to stop their rapidly regressive fall into oblivion. Their non-transparency, back room deals and secret close door policies increased the speed of the steamroller which they must either slow down or stopped to a manageable and controllable situation of manipulating spin.    


Isn’t it quit ironic and a little bit comical and amusing that these are the same individuals that are stressing fright, annoyance, fury, rage, irritation and antagonism  concerning  these despicable acts of coercion against them, are the same revolutionaries who accepted, preached and initiated violent revolt and over throw of our government in the sixties and seventies.


Bill Ayers was such a character, who just happens to be a close friend, from the past and present, of our President, Barack Hussein Obama “The Chosen One.”  He and his wife Bernardine Dohrn were on the run and hiding as fugitives in the Seventies? They were both part of the anti-Vietnam War violent and destructive activist group called the Weather Underground Organization that issued the United States Government a Declaration of War. They were credited with the bombings multiple targeted government buildings, and were labeled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a domestic Terrorist Organization. When the group was dismanteled in 1980 they decided to surrender to authorities. They were both spared federal prosecution due to a misconduct violation and or technicallity commited by the government conducting the investigation against them. Sometimes you can evaluate the integrity of a person, with the company he keeps. This doesn’t say much for President Obama.


There was also a humiliating atmosphere, surrounding our nation, during President George W. Bush’s Administration. It seems as though there was an open season of name calling, mockery, abuse, violence, threats, harassment and malicious bad tidings administered by anyone, anytime, anyplace as an acceptable standard operational procedure and considered very fashionable. This was also extended unmercifully to his Administration, which were used as whipping posts to all types of idiots, who announced publicly their hatred and animosity with unhidden harassments. These were not only stated on a daily basis, but sometimes condoned and joined by the main stream media, and liberal talk show hosts instead of rightfully condemning, investigating and scrutinizing these unstable perpetrators.


Another incident involving a blue collar worker and free private American citizen named Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, aka, Joe the Plumber, who had the audacity to ask a simple question to the then untouchable Holy Grail Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”, concerning his socialist principles and polices on redistribution of wealth. The “Anointed One” and his comrades immediately placed him number one on their enemies list, which made him a constant unmerciful target of harassment. This was proven by his law suit against three high ranking employees of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, which ordered and instructed their subordinates to search confidential information into his life. This was not only an inappropriate use of a government Agency but also a clear violation of an individuals first Amendment rights. This obviously held some truth, because one of these officials was fired and (2) two resigned from their positions.


The American people were blinded and mesmerized by Obama’s, clean cut used car, insurance salesman’s appearance. He was given a free ride, with little or no investigation or information administered about his past and anything thing negative was immediate crushed, with the help of the newly created Obama Broadcasting System, aka, Main Stream Liberal Media.


They only reported their own positive rhetoric of Obama while scandalously portraying a true American hero John McCain and his Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, as incompetent and uninformed. The average American citizen and electorate didn’t have a chance to see the forest for the trees.


These incidences, together with other questionable associations and events, in his past and unscrupulous sequences of events leading to his rise in power, should have been a clear cut indication and determination of what America was going to expect from an Obama Administration. Which would definitely be comprised of limited liberties, freedoms, and a combination of Nazism, Fascism, Communism, Socialism, joined together with unconstitutional policies and procedures?


This is America today; a double standard, one sided unethical situation, of a big brother is watching system, of forced government intolerance and intervention.  The Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats in years past, were always quit adamant, using everything and anything, at their disposal, even violence and destruction, to remove all what they self determined as unjust, by removing the so-called Imperialistic Federal gripe from all of our lives.


This naturally has dramatically changed ever since, the shoe is on the other foot, and they were mistakenly, foolishly and irresponsibly elected into their present position of absolute power, by the American electorate. Remember all these clueless unfortunate mishaps that we created, can fortunately be easily and definitely corrected, by voting these bigoted, hypocritical bums out of office and never, ever again, allowing ourselves to mindlessly swallow the kool-aide.