It’s been a while since I actually posted an article, although as many of you are aware I continue to be very active on the email, and text responses. Let’s start.


AAA was our national treasure, our point of pride, our guarantee to the world of our honesty, integrity, our ability. The unshakeable trust in the full faith and credit of the United States of America, in the face of whatever ongoing world calamity took place elsewhere.
We have let ourselves down, and the world. We are no longer worthy.


The recent downgrade reflects the mismanagement of our country by ALL branches of government and the inexperience of the members in financial and economic matters. Most seriously it reflects the total lack of respect for and understanding of the processes of government and specifically the need for compromise on critical issues for the benefit of the entire country.


But if the ground rules are simply internecine warfare, then all we get is a lot of useless noise and churn. Any outcome is just the result of superior tactics of partisan aggression, rather than consensus on the best plan elements to move the nation forward.


The philosophical starting point of today's Democrats is that they believe in a welfare state before they believe in capitalism. They promote economic programs of redistribution in an attempt to fulfill their misguided "social justice" policies.. That's what they're about: redistributive politics. The assumption is that there is some kind of perpetual engine of economic prosperity in America that is going to just continue. And therefore they are able to take from those who create and give to those who don't all in an effort to buy votes and retain power. Unfortunately, their world view goes against the basic principles of human nature. Taking something from one person that has earned it and giving it to another that is not willing to work for it serves neither interest. Obama certainly didn’t start the spending spree but he put his foot on the accelerator.


Obama simply wanted a spending INCREASE with no cuts! I wonder how that would have gone over. Obamanomics. Anyone sick of it yet? Anyone really want four more years of Obama, Geithner, Holder....? They can't even sell guns to Mexican drug cartels without messing it up!

NOBAMA 2012. What WE need to succeed!




MSNBC Confused?


I was watching Hardball with Chris Matthews a couple of days ago and heard him say, during one of his sarcastic rants, "Everyone knows it's the government that creates jobs." A few moments later, he was complaining that our economy would be jump-started with the injection of capital that currently sits on the sidelines.

This is contradictory. The capital to which he refers is owned by individuals and corporations, not government(s). The U.S. government can theoretically tax 100% of income, but it cannot force the liquidation and/or investment of assets. Clearly, therefore, it is NOT government but the private sector that "creates jobs."

Nice try, Chris.


Is the Liberal Media at Cult?


Is the liberal media a cult? Recently they have branded Christianity groups and tea party member’s terrorists. The racist word doesn’t work anymore so now they have to use other terms. What’s funny to me is the left wing media has issues calling radical Muslim extremists “terrorists” but has no problems calling the tea party that term.


Media in this country is no longer about honest journalism anymore it’s about how you can spin the facts. The media for the most part has always been liberal, if your not with the program, then your not one of us, isn’t that technically a cult?


When the media talks about radical groups, they should mention they are one of those groups, they have a purpose to make their side look good; the other side look bad; and distort the truth. They are in their own right terrorists trying to manipulate the news and push their will onto you.


Although the left wing media seem to be insignificant, their ratings are horrible and have been for a while now, a good sign people see right through them.