The Blame Starts with Americans



You hear from American all around the country how the government in Washington has let the American public down or has led them the wrong way. This statement couldn’t be more true, politicians looking out for the good of their own party and for some their own special interests. But yet these elected officials somehow are allowed to continue to screw the public over.


Here in an interesting bit of data for you: 1 out of  3 people said they would never trust a lawyer. Here is more data:


  • 75% of Americans said they would never trust a lawyer to handle any personal & financial material.
  • 90% of Americans said they don’t rust lawyers in general.



And about 75% of the U.S Congress and Senate are lawyers. Now there is something very messed up with that statistic, but it suggests that people either truly do not have a clue who they are voting for or they are just voting for the person because they are associated to a certain party.


85% of women in the country only vote Democrat because of one issue and that is the abortion issue. Now I’m not about to attack this subject because I’m a pro choice advocate, but to base your vote on this only subject is ignorant.


Women only voted for Hillary Clinton because she was a women and she was pro choice. To date, Hillary still does not have any accomplishments she can list on a resume, but yet she is the new Secretary of State. Women on this blog and they will label me an angry SOB and I hope you don’t disappoint me, can’t tell me what Hillary has done, but will wave their girl power, woman first pom poms.


Blacks voted for Obama because he was black (half black) which wasn’t even hidden by this race and even just came out and admitted it. Even if Obama was the next Hitler, blacks in general didn’t care.


The point is this; these people get in office because they were voted in, and when things go wrong, the finger pointing starts. Democrats blame the Republicans, Republicans blame the Democrats, but in reality it’s your fault. Of course Americans will not take to blame for anything, the American way is to point the finger, but you didn’t do your research on the candidates when they were running. You voted for a person because he/she looked hansom or hot, because the candidate was a Democrat or Republican, ect..


American deserves what it gets, you want to change the way things are, vote the people in that deserve to be there and are qualified. Minnesota is a perfect example; Al Franken will be the next Senator from Minnesota. A comedian. It doesn’t make sense until you notice he is a Democrat and people right now are pissed at the Republican Party. However Al isn’t qualified to direct you to the bathroom, but he will be directing votes in the U.S Senate.