Fears are growing as millions stand to lose their jobless benefits if Congress does nothing. Some critics, mainly Republicans claim extending jobless benefits adds to the country’s large fiscal deficit and may even discourage job seeking.


This is once again partisan politics at its best. Senator Dr. Tom Coburn a Republican from Oklahoma has gone on record by stating, “The longer the unemployed have benefits, the less incentive there is to find a job.”


Has the Senator ever been unemployed? He served as a member of the House of Representatives for three terms prior to being elected to the Senate so he has no issue with being unemployed as he is one of the career politicians in Washington who happens to be up for re-election in November.


Tom, what about the people who are trying to find a job and haven’t? While the statement he made isn’t totally incorrect, in this atmosphere we are in, people are trying harder than ever to find a job and need those benefits to stay afloat. To cut off benefits would be devastating.


The Republican Party makes me laugh at times, they need to pick and choose their battles wisely and this is just another stupid move by the GOP. Extend the benefits, with unemployment hovering around 10%, jobs are hard to come by these days.



Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin are engaged….again. Seems they once again love each other. Levi recently went on record by stating statements he made about the Palin family were lies and fabricated. What is funny is that when Levi went on his world tour, the liberal media and talk shows were dying to interview him. They took the word of an immature teenager and didn’t care if the statements he made were true. Their goal was to bring down a powerful GOP conservative at any cost.


But the ones who come out looking like fools are the liberal media and talk shows. Their failure to report what was true caught them with their pants down once Levi admitted to the lies. Just another example on how ruthless the liberal press and talk shows truly are. They don’t care about the truth; they only care about their agenda which is support for the Democratic party.









  • Americans' support for Arizona’s tough new immigration law is strong with the public unmoved by a legal challenge to the law filed by the US Department of Justice. 51 percent of Americans support Arizona's law as it stands today.


  • Job openings dropped in May from the previous month and layoffs edged up, fresh evidence that employers are reluctant to add workers. The decline in job openings comes after a sharp rise the previous two months, driven by temporary government hiring for the 2010 census and more openings in the private sector. As a result, the number of available jobs has rebounded since the depths of the recession but remains well below pre-recession levels.


  • The credit scores of millions more Americans are sinking to new lows. Figures provided by FICO Inc. show that 25.5 percent of consumers -- nearly 43.4 million people -- now have a credit score of 599 or below, marking them as poor risks for lenders. It's unlikely they will be able to get credit cards, auto loans or mortgages under the tighter lending standards banks now use.





Americans Stand Up

William P. Frasca


When will we all as Americans stand up, and yell from the top of our lungs that enough is enough. When will we stop the progressive limitless abuse administered by our despicable biased federal government? Every signal American must demonstrate tremendous rage and anger towards any group who authorizes and advocates violence. It is appalling to witness the New Black Panther Party, preach from their pulpits in the streets, intimidation, hatred, vengeance violence and murder, without any repercussions or outrage from the decent law bidding residents of the black community, or for that matter, any Community. Where’s the main stream media and their cable offspring’, except for Fox News?


What happened to all those so-called religious leaders, from each any every denomination? It seems as though their screams of protest are only related to a pick and choose method of selected safe battles. They close their eyes, ears and mouths to certain discerning acts of brutality, cruelty and destruction, for fear of being labeled a Judas to their congregation, a bigot or intolerant to the trials and tribulations of any illogical belligerent minority outburst, or individuals labeled by the Progressives as being a politically correct untouchable group, even if their involvement and leadership is totally warranted, requested or needed.


I hate to use this scenario, because naturally two wrongs don’t make a right but unfortunately it does prove to be an honest, truthful interpretation and a direct point of reality. Obviously these self proclaimed, so-called new emancipators, leaders and conscience of black America are sadistically, trying to empower their will and beliefs through vicious verbal and physical reactions of total dominance with extreme revulsion and disgust. One incident was captured on tape authorizing the brutal cruel acceptance and stamp of approval towards the murder of all Caucasians, men, women and children, or in his own words “including their babies”. These unlawful, wicked, vile intentions are a disgrace to the human race, and only accepted in the animal kingdom.


What would happen if the Klu Klux Klan announced the same despicable, authorization, only to a different race, and proclaimed the identical acts of hostility, aggression and cruelty. Chances are, they would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, thrown in jail, have a court appearance with a jury, fined, scrutinized, automatically found guilty, thrown in prison, criticized and rightfully condemned for their actions


Naturally, I’m in no way, shape or form condoning, approving, or giving any credence relating to their extreme despicable methods, philosophies or tactics, but are these members of the New Black Panther Party any better? Why are they given a free ride? Why would we legitimately denounce one revolting organization, and excusing another from committing the same antics, by calling it freedom of speech? The most logical explanation is a double standard which permits and entitles a different or particular race, creed, color, gender or religion permission to act like savage barbarians. Don’t these individuals entice and mirror the same unstable nasty, evil ideology, fear and abomination. We can’t dismiss, ignore or create any acceptance or justifications for their unacceptable behavior, no matter how insignificant, for their atrocious actions.


We must not brush any of these events aside, as issued by crazed mindless innocent lunatics, unaware of their actions, blaming their tribulations on society, race, or individuals just enjoying hearing themselves talk, or projecting incoherent flapping noises from their gums with aimless nonsense of idiocies. We must take each and every one of these maniacs seriously, because if there’s smoke there’s definitely fire. If we as a so-called civilized society, deliberately overlook, discount or disregard any part of these malicious events, and unstable situations, then history proves that it will only escalate, breed and produce more contempt, hatred and malicious actions from all sides of the spectrum.


The most outrageous humiliating successful attempt of abandoning the law was not violated by thieves, murders or criminals, but it was dishonorable abused and disregarded by the most ultimate high law enforcement Department of our Country, The Office of the Attorney General.


These discrepancies were brought to light by J. Christian Adams an ex-justice official, who testified before the United States Civil Rights Commission, relating to allegations brought against the New Black Panther Party, for their actions involving the 2008 Presidential Election Day, concerning intimidations charges at a Philadelphia Pennsylvania voting district. The two implicated were accused, witnessed, and filmed with clear pertinent dangerous dialog, while standing right outside, in front of the building; with one carrying a baton, displaying an obvious threat and fear to everyone exercising their precious right to vote. The Office of the U.S. Attorney General unjustly dismissed the ‘Voter Intimidation Charges; against them, for lack of evidence.


Mr. Adams testified that the evidence against them was clear and precise for a conviction. He also testified that his former employer, instructed attorneys in the civil rights division to ignore cases that involved black defendants and white victims. He also stated that "We abetted wrongdoing and abandoned law-abiding citizens


These blatant acts, of authorized illegal forms of enhancing reverse discrimination, are a disgrace to our established Nation of Laws. These abusive unchained discriminatory powers of injustice, enacted by his former employer forced him to resign from his position, honoring his oath, duty and conscience towards our sacred American principles and the American people. He should be commended and supported whole-heartedly, by us all, for his courageous actions.


Why were these hate mongers given a “get out of jail free card” from our Government? Why does our United States Attorney General Eric Holder sympathize with all those who wish to change the status quo though extreme aggressive behavior? Why does he only sanction the prosecution of selected breeding and certain political organizations? The smell of discrimination and prejudice reeks from his body.


Our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” offered hope and change, today all hope has either been cut off or virtually non–existent and the change administered was all Socialist/Marxist affiliations. He ran on the premonition of uniting all the people. He constantly accused and stated during his campaign that President George W. Bush, the Republican Party and Vice-President Chaney polarized and separated America into a land of fearful division. He was not only totally wrong and incorrect with his assumption and analysis, but he unfortunately, did more to split, separate, and partition this great Country in his short tenure in office than the unreasonable period in our history called “Segregation”.


Attorney General Eric Holder was hand picked to his position by President Obama. His failed policies of bias, intolerance, bigotry, favoritism, unfairness and inequality are a disgrace to America , the Obama Administration and himself.


Mr. Holder, if he acted on his own volition, apparently violated his sacred oath of office. He should resign immediately or fired from his position as the United States Attorney General, but there was also a possibility that he was just following orders? We heard this defense used constantly from the Nazi’s at the Nuremberg trails. Did he deliberately and faithfully perform his duty according to the words, wishes and policies of the President?  Then who should actually resign, be dismissed, or impeached, without any hesitation, the Puppet Master, the Puppet, or both?